As well as visiting the Vigeland Sculpture Park in the snow and cold, we couldn’t resist a boat ride either – because why not ride in the icy fjords in January? It seemed like a very reasonable thing to do. So, we booked a seat on a fjord sightseeing tour with Oslo’s Batservice, which leaves every day for a two hour trip from Oslo’s central harbour (and was surprisingly busy given the poor weather conditions).

Oslo Fjord Sightseeing

Our particular cruise lasted two hours on the Oslo Fjord, and took us first on a journey around the harbour and surrounding areas (giving us fabulous views of the very modern Opera House, the castle, Oslo’s City Hall and the harbour itself). At this point we had some sun warming us very slightly, and were kept cosy with blankets, sheepskin-esque rugs and warm mulled wine and hot chocolate. How very hygge!

Oslo Fjord Sightseeing

As we moved further from Oslo and into the fjords, we travelled along some seriously idyllic bays and small islands with the summer houses of those who live in the City. Apparently this is a fairly normal thing, and people have been building their summer houses on these islands for decades which give them a mismatched kind of beauty.

Of course it would have been wonderful to see the bays in all their summer glory, but in January, with the houses covered in snow it felt like we were seeing a scene from a traditional Christmas card – it was an opportunity not to be missed.

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At this point the sun eluded us and the cold really did set in. -16 degrees in a city feels very different to the water, and because of the icy conditions we had to stop a few times to ensure our safety. Two hours in this weather was enough for us, and despite the amazing scenery, we were pleased to get into the warm eventually.

At 285 NOK per person, this fjord sightseeing tour is an absolute must do on a trip to Oslo – whatever the weather you are sure to see something entirely unique and special – just hold on to your hats and gloves in the Winter!

There’s a whole city break guide for Oslo available RIGHT HERE!


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  • It looks absolutely incredible! Definitely worth braving the cold for some of these views.

    • I absolutely wouldn’t have missed it for the world – one of the best things I’ve ever done, and it was extremely special in the snow and ice! Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚