It’s a complete honour to be chatting to Beverley Reinemann from the award winning travel blog Pack Your Passport. Beverley has been a massive name in the UK travel blogging scene for many years, and in this episode we chat all about how she got started, and where her first travel adventures led her.  From caravan parks in the UK to living and working in Australia for two years, we also get the gossip on some of Beverley’s favourite city break destinations.

We talk about how to get an Australian working visa and her experience of working on a winery, how she was thrust unexpectedly into solo travel, and her tips on travelling alone and why Brisbane wasn’t her favourite place in Australia.

Finally, we natter on about the best cities to visit alone and I get the inside scoop on how Beverley manages to find and photograph so much incredible street art. Oh, and we might even talk about being too old for hostels too!

Beverley Reinemann

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Beverley Reinemann

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