Barcelona is a wonderful and magical city. You can stand and bask in the marvel of the city and still fail to take it all in. However, Barcelona can be dangerous for those who aren’t aware of what goes on. Some travellers can unknowingly make themselves a target. So, if you’re planning on travelling in Barcelona, here are some safety tips to live by while you’re there.

Keep an Eye on Luggage

If you use transport like the Aerobus to get you from Barcelona central to the airport, you could be targeted by baggage thieves. The best way to deal with this is to keep a close eye on your luggage. You’ll need to load larger bags and suitcases into the luggage holder on the bus, so it’s easy to see how thieves can get hold of luggage before you get a chance to find yours. Keep expensive belongings like laptops, cameras and your wallet on your person instead of in your luggage. Sit as close to the luggage holder as you can so you can see your suitcase from your seat.

Keep Purses on Your Lap

When you’re on holiday, it’s nice to relax and forget about responsibilities. Sometimes we’re blissfully unaware of what’s happening around us because we’re in holiday mode. Many women make the mistake of draping their purses over the shoulder of their chairs and forgetting about them. Suddenly a thief comes flying past, grabs the purse and continues to run. Before you can react the thief is out of your sight and your valuables are gone. Never leave your purse where you can’t see it. While dining in a restaurant, try and keep your purse on your lap at all times.

Stay Alert

Travellers shopping are an ideal target for thieves. Many people make the mistake of taking off jackets and bags and leaving them on the floor while trying on something else. This is a great opportunity for thieves to come along and grab your belongings. If you do take off garments or your bag to try on outfits, keep them between your feet so they aren’t as easy to access. If you can, pass them to someone you trust to look after them or use a changing room instead.

Stick to Safe Neighbourhoods

Although it’s great to explore the city of Barcelona, there are some areas that are safer than others. Ask the hotel staff for suggestions on where to dine in the evening and where to avoid. Like many cities, Barcelona can become more dangerous at night. If you do choose to visit less safe places at night, make sure you travel in a group, arrange transport in advance and keep your belongings close to you. Take only the money you need and leave valuables like passports and travellers cheques in your hotel safe.

Avoid Carrying Too Much Cash

If you want to budget yourself by taking only cash on your holiday, that’s fine. However, you shouldn’t carry that cash on your person wherever you go. Just take a small amount with you each day you go out. Similarly, if you’re going to make a large cash withdrawal from an ATM, you should do it in the day, rather than at night. Taking cash out from an ATM in a desolate area is just asking for trouble in Barcelona.

Beware of Pickpockets

Pickpockets will often target the more popular areas because they know they’re full of travellers. For instance, Barcelona has been the stage of many famous movies. You can find some examples at People who travel to these sites are often amongst pickpockets without even knowing. These are often places where people get distracted easily, so it’s important to remember to keep your wits about you. The same goes for using transport like the Metro. There are pickpockets everywhere, especially during peak times. But they are often most prominent during the weekend after midnight, when travellers may be using the Metro after having a few drinks at a restaurant and forget to keep bags close to them.

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