Working abroad can be the start of an entirely new life. Perhaps you dream of working somewhere warm, with luscious beaches and blue waters. Maybe you dream of working in one of the major fashion capitals of the world, like Paris or New York. The only way to achieve these dreams is to take a leap of faith and reach out for your goals. Here are some things to do in order to get where you want to be.

Research Visas and Work Permits

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as hopping on a plane and finding a job as soon as you land. You’ll need to do some research into visas and work permits for the country you intend on working in. Your dream of working abroad will rely entirely on you being accepted for a visa and work permit, so the more you know about them, the more likely you are to be accepted. Getting your visa and permit may not be easy and you’ll probably have to wait a while before you get them. So, if you’re dreaming about starting your ideal job tomorrow, you may need to re-think your plans.

Know the Cost of Living

You’ll be used to a certain cost of living, but the same rules don’t necessarily apply to all countries. You’ll need to know how much your likely to make each month with your job and what the cost of living is in your chosen area. How much rent will you need to pay? How much will you spend on utilities and food? What will you need to pay for transport? It’s only worth doing if you have some disposable income left over once you’ve paid all of your bills.

Secure a Job Beforehand

The last thing you want to be doing is travelling to a different country with the hopes of landing a job when you get there. Even if you plan to look for work that requires no qualifications, like waitressing, there’s no guarantee you’ll find it. Securing a job, perhaps by searching for ‘jobs in football’, will ensure you have an income you can rely on as soon as you arrive. If you don’t secure a job, you may run out of funding before you find something and have no choice but to come back.

Consider Your Free Time

Many people who work abroad do so because they want to explore the country and culture. However, if your job keeps you too busy to explore, is it really worth it? You’ll need to consider how much free time you’ll get to explore. It’s best to look for a flexible job that can pay you a decent wage to live on. Going freelance could be an excellent option. You’ll get to decide how often you work and it’s a job you can take around the world with you, if you intend on moving on once you’ve seen everything you want to see.

If you’re willing to organise yourself, your dream job could be within reach.

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