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Some people appear to be naturally organised, but really very few are. Those that are organised generally have to put effort into being this way, and have often spent years building positive habits. If you want to be more organised, here are some of the ways you can go about it. 

Write to-do lists

Writing to do lists is a good way to stay organised, instead of trying to keep information in your head get into the habit of creating lists. Writing a to-do list of the days itinerary the evening before means you can mentally prepare and won’t forget anything important. There are numerous apps and software programs these days that can allow you to easily keep track of your lists across numerous devices, but you could always stick to the traditional pen and paper method if that works best for you.

Writing lists are one of the habits of organised and successful people, so if you want to be more organised it’s a simple yet effective change you can make.

Schedule your time

Whether you work full time, look after your children full time or balance the two- life can be busy for just about all of us. Having a schedule in place enables you to make the best use of your time, ensuring that everything on your to-do list is fulfilled and you still have enough time to eat, sleep and travel to wherever you need to be. If you run a business you’ll be familiar with software such as Sling work scheduling app, but scheduling your time is something that everyone can benefit from. While routine can be a little mundane, it gives life structure and allows us to get things done. 

Get prepared the night before

The way your morning goes really can set the tone for the rest of the day, a busy and stressful morning can lead to feelings of stress and chaos as the day goes on. Make your mornings run smoothly by getting organised the night before. Simple tasks such as laying out the clothes you’re going to wear, packing your lunch and getting your bag ready can save you precious minutes and reduce stress so you can walk out of the door feeling confidently organised. Just about everyone would prefer those extra few minutes in bed in the morning rather than rushing around getting ready, so get into the habit of preparing each evening. 

Menu plan

Speaking of packing lunches, meal planning in general can be a great way to get organised in life. Whether you work at a workplace, work from home or again take care of your children, knowing exactly what you’re going to eat each day can reduce stress levels. You could write a menu plan for the week and then create a shopping list based on this so you know you have all of the ingredients you need. Or you could batch cook a few meals on a Sunday and freeze them in individual containers for evenings that you’re really short on time. All you need to do is throw them into the microwave and you have home cooked food in just a few minutes. Quicker, easier and cheaper than ordering a takeaway. 

Keep your home organised

Home really is one of the most important places in the world, it’s the place you need to relax and recover from whatever life throws at you. It’s where you get ready and prepared to get back out there and face the day, so an organised home can be extremely useful. Stop rushing around where you can’t find what you need, declutter and organise each room. Throw away what you no longer need and find the right storage solutions for the things that you do. It can generally help you feel organised and ‘on top’ of things in your life. If you work from home, pay special attention to your desk and your office. 

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