Have you heard what they say about Spain? It’s the city where the dead are considered to be more alive than any other country in the world – the only country lacking nightlife since the residents here only experience extended daytimes! Beauty is an understatement when describing this saintly country – from the magnificent Palacio Real to the top-rated, protected beaches of La Concha! I mean, Spain has so much to offer that I’m actually in a limbo as to where to start. Nonetheless, having been there multiple times, I’ve compiled a list of must-go places for my fellow travelers and adventure-seekers.

1. Granada – The Alhambra and Generalife Gardens

You’ve all read and been told stories of the Garden of Eden where supposedly all creation took place. No matter how much you try to paint that picture of a paradise where everyone is in perfect harmony with everything, you’ll probably come up with an absolutely wrong picture. The same can be said for these gardens – no matter how much you read and google about it; you just can’t get the right picture till you’ve lived it! Beautiful!

2. Aqueduct of Segovia

Meet the monumental aqueduct that has spanned over years and survived since around 50 AD! It’s said to carry water from Frio River to Segovia – some 16 km – and what’s more interesting, the 24000 gigantic granite blocks are said to be made without using any mortar! If you have a thing for pre-historic sites, you’ll be gutted to miss out on this.

3. Bountiful Barcelona

It has it all – talk of sensational art, amazing people, the world’s best football club – what more could you possibly ask for? This capital of Catalonia is in direct contact with the Mediterranean and as such offers so much more in terms of scenic beaches and a warm, humid air perfect for your summer travels. Go to Barcelona Exclusive Private Tour Guide to experience the best of what this phenomenal city has to offer.

Two Days in Barcelona

4. Extremadura

Located in the southwest region of Spain, Extremadura is a must visit for any tourist. Here, you can spend time in Mérida awing at the well preserved Roman amphitheater. You can’t be missing the Old Town which features the famous King’s Landing in Game of Thrones!

5. Valencia

From the southwest to the southeast coast of Spain – welcome to the home and birthplace of real paella! Make sure you visit Casa Carmina’s; trust me, you won’t be disappointed at all by the dishes here – simply amazing!

6. Balearic Islands

Still located on the Valencian Coast, the island offers the perfect seaside towns with hidden inlets. It should be an adventurous experience especially when you’re with family. The shore excursions will have you coming back for more – just don’t get addicted to the omnisensorial feel you get from this Paradise.

7. Madrid

You can’t possibly visit Spain and miss a chance on viewing the capital! This is the New York of Spain – it’s where all the action is. Not only will you get a chance to see the royal Palacio Real but you might also be lucky enough to see some artwork by recognized figures such as Picasso, Van Gogh and Goya.

8. Seville

As you add a tone of orange to your trip from the budding orange trees here: also get to enjoy sight-seeing the breathtaking Alcázar Palace, the recently opened Parasol Metropol and even views from the ancient cathedral tower.

So among all the mentioned spots, which one do you think will go first in your travel itinerary? Also, share some of the places you’ve been to in Spain – I might just reconsider making another trip there this coming year.

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