Known for its fine wine, medieval architecture and exciting nightlife, Tuscany is the perfect place for a vacation. Located in the central region of Italy, this town offers you a nostalgic trip, taking you through a world of classical culture, art, and delicious food delicacies. Tuscany has a lot to offer, and that is why you need a plan to utilise your stay here fully.

So, whether you decide to book a room in the beautiful hotels of Tuscany or rent one of the fully furnished Tuscany vacation rentals, the following advice will come in handy as you organise your vacation stay.

Research places to visit

The Tuscany region has a vast collection of beautiful places that you can visit. Some fancier than others with features unique to them. A simple search will ensure that you only stop by locations with exciting activities or ones that feature items or sceneries that you and your family members will be interested in. Places you should stop by include Siena, which is Italy’s most scenic medieval metropolis.

This town is ideal for one who strives for an escape from the busy modern world for a day or two. While in Siena, you can sample some of the best wines in the world fresh from the wineries found in the city. If you love a beach set up, you should plan to visit the Porto Ercole city, which is perfect for sunset strolls as you soak in the coastline’s rich history. Be sure to also visit Florence, the home of art and Talamone, for an experience of a lifetime.

Create a travel plan

After doing your research on the places you would like to visit, next is to create a travel plan. This plan should include a step by step guideline as to how your trip should go from beginning to end. It should consist of a detailed timeline, indicating the day and time you intend to spend on an activity or the duration you plan to stay in a particular place. Well, it’s true that vacations are a time to let loose, and go where the wind takes you. But wouldn’t it be nice to dictate where the wind takes you? A plan will give you a better perspective and frankly will make you anticipate it more.

Organise transportation and accommodations arrangements beforehand

These two factors need to be planned to avoid wastage of money and time. Making accommodation arrangements before your visit will ensure that you stick to your timeline. Which means, on arrival to a particular city, there is already accommodation waiting for you. Therefore, you don’t have to wait long hours at receptions for it to open up. Besides, you might be exhausted from the traveling.

For the transportation part, you should inquire with the accommodation that you’re staying at if they do offer such services. If they do, that’s good. But if they don’t, consult other options at your disposal. You may use either taxi services, train or local bus transportation. Either way, find out which one suits you best and most importantly, stick to your budget. In the case of trains and bus tickets, if you’re in a position to get the tickets beforehand, do it!

Get all the necessary documents in check

Another sensitive and essential step to take is to ensure that all your documents are up to date and valid. These documents include your passport, visa, medical records, and insurance paperwork. In addition to that, it’s wise that you have a copy of each document stored in a web cloud. In case you’re robbed, you are then able to retrieve them immediately. Other additional things to have are credit and debit cards that are functional in Tuscany. Making prior arrangements will put you in a safe zone, avoiding running broke and stranded in the middle of your vacation.

Purchase a plane ticket

Several airlines offer flights to or through Tuscany. Always chose the ones that are within your price range. You may even decide to take a trip to another region besides Tuscany, and take either a bus or train to your destination. It gives you more exposure to Italy’s rich landscape and the experience of a lifetime. But all this will depend on the flow of your travel plan. If you’re traveling with family or a spouse, consider family or couple flight packages, respectively. It may include a fee that from a distance may seem overboard, but on paying attention, you might find that the money spent is worth your while.

Enjoy your vacation

Lastly, after making all the necessary arrangements, you can comfortably board that plane, get to Tuscany, and enjoy your vacation. Remember to pack lightly if you intend to move from place to place. Additionally, learn a few things about Tuscany to share with your loved ones back home.

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