I’ve been obsessed with dessert based cocktails ever since I held my 30th birthday party at a bar which specialised in a large range of Tartini’s – Apple Pie, Sticky Toffee Pudding, something with Blackberries (I can’t remember, I’d tried the whole menu by this point). Basically put a pudding in a cocktail glass and I’m yours for life. Make that a Bakewell Tart (who doesn’t love a cherry bakewell?) and I’m yours for eternity.

The Bakewell Tart Cocktail

I can’t take all the credit for this. Michelle, (my lovely friend) arrived at my house with a bottle of Disaronno and a bottle of Cherry Absolut and went “wahey cocktails”! We tried it mixed with coke (it blew our heads off – we definitely needed to look at the amount of alcohol involved) and from there came weeks of experimenting to get the perfect Bakewell Tart taste.

And here it is. Enjoy!


  • 25cl Cherry Absolut (or any brand of cherry vodka)
  • 50cl Amaretto
  • Cherry Juice
  • Double Cream
  • Marachino Cherry
  • Cocktail Stick


  1. Pour the Cherry Absolute and Amaretto into a tumbler and top up with cherry juice. Mix well.
  2. Taking a teaspoon, pour the double cream slowly over the back of the spoon so it settles along the top of the alcohol mixture.
  3. Pop the cherry onto a cocktail stick, and rest carefully over the tumbler glass.

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