River and Mountains

Rivers were once vital for transporting people, food, power and resources- which means many of the greatest cities in the world have been built and developed right around them. While we now have many more efficient forms of transport, most of the older built up places in the world have been created around them in some way. What this means in modern times is that rivers can be a great way to explore a place in a new way, to get around without having to take dreary roads and enjoy many of the attractions these kinds of destinations run at their rivers. If you’re thinking of doing something a little different on your next trip, exploring via river could be a great way to go! Here are some ideas for destinations.

Explore Amsterdam’s Huge Network of Canals and Rivers

If you’re after rivers and canals, Amsterdam is the place for you. It’s well known for having the world’s most beautiful canals, with over a hundred kilometers of them to explore. You have the choice of booking a tour or even hiring your own canal for your stay depending on the kind of trip you’re after. River cruises are another great choice, and are a bit more luxurious. The river cruise ships are larger and more upmarket than regular canal boats, so it all depends on the kind of trip you’re after.

Take Your Trip to South Africa to The Next Level With a Hotel on the Vaal

The Vaal River is the largest tributary of the Orange River in South Africa, and there are hotels on the Vaal that are great for those that want to be near the water. One full ninety one room hotel sits on the river, and is just a forty five minute walk to the vibrant city of Johannesburg. It’s child friendly, and there are lots of tourist activities, so whether you’re a family, couple or someone on your own, you’re bound to enjoy this.  Otherwise, you can spend your day’s swimming, yachting, boating, jet-skiing, windsurfing, snorkeling, fishing and much more.

Experience Europe With A River Cruise on the Danube

The Danube river is the second longest in Europe, and cuts through a whopping ten countries in Europe. So if you’re looking to visit as many places as possible in one trip, a cruise down the Danube is a great option. There are lots of tours available which will make different stops, so do your research and find one based on the types of things you want to see most.

Stay on a Houseboat in Paris or London

Paris and London are both well known for being romantic cities, offering gorgeous views and the hustle and bustle of excited tourists which is strangely magical. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and people have been falling in love in Paris and London for centuries so both would be good destinations if you want to whisk your sweetheart away.  You could stay on a houseboat on the Seine in Paris or the Thames in London, both offer incredible views but being set back from the city are surprisingly peaceful.

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