There are some travel experiences we all have on our bucket lists. You know the ones; things like visiting the ancient pyramids or standing on top of Vesuvius. We imagine that these will be some of the most memorable travel experiences of our lives. And, quite often, they are. There’s something wonderful about ticking off these iconic hotspots. Some of them could even change your life.

Which is why it can come as such a blow when you visit a disappointing bucket list addition. There are some notoriously disappointing tourist attractions. So much so that there are endless websites to warn you away from them.

In some way, every iconic site is worth seeing. Sometimes, though, changing your attitude is the only way to keep disappointment at bay. Keep reading to find out how you can avoid that empty feeling during these three iconic experiences.


It would be fair to assume that Stonehenge will be a sight to take your breath away. Yet, this appears often on those disappointing tourist attraction lists. People don’t often prepare themselves for the fact this is a landmark formed of stones. What makes this attraction interesting is its history. We have no idea either how those stones got there, or what they were used for. It’s unsurprising, then, that people who visit here with no idea of the history leave feeling lacking. They’ve looked at stones and paid a fortune to do it. But, if you look into the facts before visiting, you’ll have a far more fascinating experience. It’s also worth paying for an audio guide here. All the better for getting the most from the experience.

Northern Lights

Bucket List Winter Breaks

Okay, so no one can say that the Northern Lights in themselves are disappointing. That would be madness. Still, many people come away disappointed. Not, of course, because of the spectacle itself, but because they never actually got to see it. That’s right; the Northern Lights are elusive little buggers. And, it’s pretty disappointing to plan a trip around something which you don’t get to see. Sadly, there’s no sure answer to this, but there are steps you can take to increase your chances. You’ll soon find as you learn more about the Northern Lights that there are some signs to go by. Visiting during the depth of winter increase your chances of success. Equally, taking solar activity into account could reduce your risk of leaving without a glimpse.

Loch Ness

Last, we have the iconic Loch Ness. We’ve all heard the myth, haven’t we? There have been rumours of a Loch Ness monster for longer than most of us can remember. Sadly, this destination doesn’t quite live up to the tales for many. This loch is much like many others in Scotland. The town is also primarily taken over by tourist-focused shops with monstrous themes. If you’re passionate about myths like these, you’re sure to find something to enjoy. Otherwise, dedicating no more than a few hours here is your best bet.

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