Quitting your job and going it alone may have been something that you have been dreaming of for years, but when push comes to shove it can be a real challenge. In fact, going it alone can be pretty scary, and that is why you have to learn as much as you can about it to make it work. With that in mind, read on for some tips that can help you make the transition from employee to employer run a little smoother.

Don’t burn your bridges

There are no guarantees in this word, and the success of your future business is definitely not assured. That means it best not to burn any bridges with your last employer, as they can provide you with an that all important reference, and as even be the source of a new job if things do go pear-shaped.

So that means, no telling your old boss exactly what you think of them, no ceremonial fire of old work kit in the garden on your last day, and no bad mouthing them online to all and sundry. Keep it classy people, as you never know when you might need those old contacts.

You need to take things seriously

To be the successful owner of a business, you need to take it seriously. Something that perhaps the wealth of people running side hustles online make us forget. However, it’s vital to remember that there is a huge difference in selling a few items you have handmade on Etsy, and going into business for yourself full time as your only source of income.

With this in mind, it’s a good idea to keep things as professional as possible. That entails getting a logo and branding your business properly, both on and offline. You will also need to have a viable business plan that sets out in detail the stages to go through to get your company started.

It can also be useful for smaller business or the self-employed to avoid using their home addresses for their companies as this can seem very unprofessional. Luckily, you can get access to things like these professional business address services with physicaladdress.com, a company that will provide you will a real-world address and then forward your mail to you electronically for your convenience.

You need to keep an eye on the big picture

Some people are good at details, and others are big-picture thinkers.  However, whatever your strengths or weaknesses in this area you will need to keep tabs on the overall picture of your company to be successful as an employer rather than an employee.

This means looking at medium to long-term goals and how to get there, as well as how particular situations can affect the perception of your brand by your target market. Something you can find out more about on entrepreneur.com. Remember, now you are in charge you can’t afford to always be concerned with the day to day minutiae of the businesses, but need to look up from what you are doing, often enough to ensure you can steer the ship.

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