Germany is a country rich in cultural history, regional cuisine, and beautiful landscapes, so it may be a little difficult to choose just one part to visit. But if you’re going to head to this Western European haven, then we’d advise first visiting its capital, Berlin. Here’s everything you need to know in order to make the most of your time over there!

Manage Your Time Well

Now, anyone who is well seasoned in taking city breaks will be well aware that, try as you might, there’s absolutely no way that you can embrace everything that a city has to offer in just one vacation. In fact, even if you spent a month or so in a major city, you’d still find yourself stumbling upon things to do. So, don’t expect to complete all major 75 things to do in Berlin in just one trip. Instead, be reasonable and balance your time wisely. Pick and choose and make a list of the main things that you want to do on your first getaway to the city. Manage your time well and practice a little organisation, and you should be able to tick them all off!

The Reichstag

Let’s start with the Reichstag, a Neo-Baroque building which has served as the meeting place of German Parliament. The notable dome on the roof terrace can indeed be accessed by visitors. However, it’s extremely important that you register in advance if you do wish to visit!

Brandenburg Gate

When heading to Berlin, almost every traveller wants to walk through the Brandenburg Gate. This eighteenth-century Neoclassical monument, it formerly represented a divide in the city during the Cold War. However, since 1989, the gate has remained open and has come to represent peace and unity. While visiting, feel free to take a short break in the “Raum der Stille” (or “Room of Silence”) situated on the North Wing. Two other notable landmarks exist in the area definitely worth taking a look at. First is the Pariser Platz which is paired with the “Akademie der Kunste” (or “Academy of Arts”) and the restored American embassy. Second is the Platz der 18 Marz, which commemorates the 1848 demonstrations in support of the revolutions for democracy.

The Berlin Wall

The history of the Berlin Wall is so immense that if you are unfamiliar with it, it’s worth taking out a little extra research before visiting. The longest surviving section of the wall lies in the East Side Gallery. In 1990, more than one hundred artists from twenty different countries came together to decorate this segment. The most famous piece, of course, is “The Fraternal Kiss”, which depicts an embrace between Russian Leader Leonid Brezhnev and the East German SED Party Chairman Erich Honecker. For more information, while you visit the wall, book a tour with a guide who will be able to endow you with facts and anecdotes purporting to the wall.

These, of course, are just three of the most popular things that Berlin has to offer. There are plenty more activities, days out, and sites to be seen. So, get planning and booking!


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