“Let’s go to Paris or Cannes or Lyon!” That’s what people say when they want to visit France. The hotspots above are popular for a reason and this post would never tell you not to see their sights. But, they are played out in a sense and there are alternative options. After all, France is a huge country, one of the biggest in Europe, and has borders with six of its neighbours. Instead of staying in one place, wouldn’t it be amazing to be a stone’s throw away from another bucket list destination? Forget staying in one city – in France, there is no reason to stay in the country!

Here are the places that provide a bit of extra holiday fun.



Due to the name, lots of people think this city is in Germany or Switzerland, but it’s in France. Like any French city, there is plenty to do, such as visit the Cathédrale Notre-Dame, the mosque and the Museum of Modern Art. Oh, and sitting in a café watching the world go by while drinking coffee is a must anywhere in the country. Should the common French experience get too much, this is when you cross the border into Germany. Nearby Stuttgart is a haven for car enthusiasts and has excellent old centre too.

Saint Jean Cap Ferrat

Of all the places to visit in the south of France, this one may not be as famous as the others. Let’s face it – Cannes, Bordeaux etc. have better PR thanks to their wealthy links. Still, Jean Cap Ferrat is as luxurious as any of the others thanks to its location. If opulent lavishness is your thing, Elegant Address is the site for you. When things get a little boring, that is when you hire a car and hit the open road… in Italy. Only two and a half hours away is the city of Genoa, and Turin, the fashion capital of the world, is another sixty minutes, tops.


Although the name is blatantly French, Perpignan isn’t in the heartland of the country. Located in the Deep South, it shares a border with the Basque region of Spain. If France isn’t enough for a holiday, then this is a great place to set up camp because the north of Spain has a selection of jewels. There are incredible hikes in Figueres, plus Andorra is on the border of the Pyrenees and well worth a visit. Of course, Barcelona is the jewel in the crown and is only a two-hour drive from door to door.


Lille is an amazing place full of culture and history. Being in the northeast of the country, it has lots to offer to World War aficionados. Dunkirk is a short journey up the A25. In the easterly direction is Belgium. Brussels is the obvious choice, but you should think about mixing things up and heading for Ghent. A student city of sorts, it’s full of life and almost like a smaller, less seedy Amsterdam.

So, are you ready to have double the fun on your next European adventure?

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