Picking the right mattress may not seem like rocket science to you, but it’s something as close to challenging as it can get. There are so many different brands and models on the market, a market that is highly competitive, by the way. Plus, there’s no such thing as a universal solution that does the job for each of us. Plus, there are loads of factors that we need to reflect upon to make an informed decision, from firmness level to feel, breathability, materials, edge support, and motion transfer.

Perhaps one of the most important aspects to consider when looking into mattresses is sleeping position because the way we sleep can make a huge difference as far as how we feel about one mattress or another. Launched by Bonobos, a Walmart affiliated company, Allswell is a 12” tall mattress that comes in two versions: an all-foam mattress with a softer feel for side sleepers and a hybrid mattress with a firmer feel better suited for back stomach sleepers.

2018 has revealed a tone of new mattresses as far technology used in the manufacturing process, materials employed, as well as characteristics. Some of these mattresses are said to be revolutionizing the industry. Allswell doesn’t come from an established producer with a clear performance record that we can check out via an evidence-based approach, but it is backed by a huge international company. Here is how it may help you sleep better:

  1. Minimum Motion Transfer for Peaceful Nights

Both the all-foam and the hybrid versions of Allswell provide above-average motion isolation, which means that you can sleep quite comfortable on your side of the bed without feeling every move your bedmate makes on his/her side of the bed. Let’s say your sleeping partner has a rough night and you have a presentation in the morning.

With a conventional mattress, he/she will most likely disturb your already fragile sleep, and there’s nothing more annoying, tiring, or frustrating than waking up several times in the middle of the night because your bedmate keeps tossing and turning incessantly. While searching for in-depth info on motion transfer and other mattress features, I stumbled upon a comprehensive Allswell bed reviewed here.

  1. Get Adequate Support and Pressure Relief

When you come home at the end of a crazy day at work, all you want to do is throw yourself into bed and straighten your spine and every bone in your body. Still, you can’t do it right away because you have ten other things to do around the house. So, you keep going until you are exhausted as you reach the bed.

This is the moment of the day when it becomes clear why a mattress should provide just the right amount of support. Both Allswell mattresses have a memory foam comfort layer, and memory foam is known for scoring high when it comes to quickly responding to your body shape and aligning the body horizontally for unmatched support.

  1. Maintain a Happy Sex Life with the Hybrid Mattress

While it’s fun to spend intimate moments in a mattress that permits more sink, most couples with frequent sex prefer a bouncier mattress. As Allswell comes in two versions, it’s likely that you will find the hybrid version more suitable to your fantasies than the all-foam one.

With the additional bounce of the innerspring core of the hybrid mattress, you should be able to maintain a wild sex life without any unpleasant issues. Allswell will help you sleep better in general, but it also ensures a high level of comfort exclusively in certain intimate moments.

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