Travelling means vacation, at least to many, and it’s therefore not really the right time for thinking about your career. Yet, it can be a great time for giving yourself that extra boost you need so that you have a head start when you get back to work or studies afterward.

Here is a quick and easy guide to exactly what you can do for your career while travelling. It might not provide you with any more money at the moment, but it’s a sound investment for your future self.

#1 Check out a webinar

During our everyday lives, we go through long weeks and late evenings. Sometimes, it can certainly feel as if every day is a Monday and the weekend is so very out of reach. It’s perhaps not that odd that we hardly have time or energy for checking out all of those resources online – there simply is no brain capacity left.

Now that you’re on holiday or just travelling to somewhere, you actually have both time and energy for this. What else are you supposed to do during those long layovers or while sitting on the flight and staring?

Just download a few webinars or podcasts on a topic related to your industry, and you’ll be fully up to date by the time you’re back.

#2 Do an online course

One of the many great things about technology is that we can educate ourselves wherever and whenever we like. Get a degree by doing an online course, for example; just check out my AAT with Avado Learning to see how easy it is.

It’s not to say that all online courses will be easy, though, as they certainly require a lot of self-discipline and a drive to study on your own. You could choose to do an entirely new degree or just add to the one you already have – whatever you choose, at least you’ll come back to your work or studies with new knowledge and a refreshed motivation.

#3 Start networking

This is a great time for you to expand your network even if you’re not currently in your own area. There will be a lot of people wherever you are that are in the same industry as yourself – unless you’re doing something very unique, of course.

Hit the web and find an event for the industry you’re in, put a big smile on, and spend your holiday getting to know people who can actually further your career. Even if they’re in an entirely different country than you live in, you’ll have valuable international contacts that might come in handy in the future.

Boosting your career is a lot easier when you have the time and energy to spend on it. That’s why you should make those holidays work for you so that you can get back to work with a massive head start.

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