Finding the right career path is one of the more challenging jobs we have to go through in our lives. It is incredibly important for your personal happiness and development that you choose a career which suits your lifestyle and passions.

If you have a huge love for children, and you have a natural maternal or paternal instinct inside you, it could be a great idea to go into a job where you can work with and look after children. Here are some of the top career choices for anyone who loves kids.

Paediatric nurse

If you have a fairly scientific background and a love for looking after children, working in a hospital as a pediatric nurse could be the perfect career for you. You will be able to get to know each of your patients and form a strong bond with them while making them feel safe and looked after in your care. It is a hugely rewarding job and is also very lucrative as you work your way up in the position.

Child psychologist

There are many children out there who struggle communicating with adults or with other children. Many could have issues with anxiety and depression, and they need a helping hand to guide them to a happier life. As a child psychologist, you can study these issues and help children to become stronger and happier in their lives.

Speech-language pathologist

Although we all know that speaking is the most basic skill a child will learn as a baby, some children have disorders which make it much harder for them to learn how to speak in full sentences. As a speech-language pathologist, you can work with children who have issues and teach them how to use their voice and communicate with the world.

Paediatric dentist

There are a lot of children in the world who are afraid of the dentist, but you could be the one who changes that for many children who come into your surgery. You can make sure that you show children how simple a trip to the dentist can be, and make sure to give them lots of praise when they are brave through a procedure. It can make a massive difference to a lot of kids.


If you are thinking of becoming a doctor, why not specialise in children? As a paediatrician, you will be able to act as a strong role model for your patients and you can have a hand in saving young lives. There isn’t anything joe rewarding than saving a child’s life.

Social worker

If you love the idea or helping families and children of all backgrounds, you can get an online msw degree and work as a social worker in your local community. You can be the one who is responsible for changing the lives of families and children and making sure that they are able to live happy lives together. It is an incredibly rewarding job which will bring you joy and make you into a respected member of the community.

Sports coach

If you have a knack for a particular sport, one great way to spend your time would be to become the coach of a sporting team in your local area. You can invite children of various age groups and teach them how to play, how to work in a team and how to stay healthy and fit. It can be a great way to keep children happy and healthy and give them something amazing to work towards in their childhood.


Teaching is a job which has to involve a heavy amount of passion on your part. To be a teacher you must be strong, focused and dedicated to the happiness of children in your class. You can be a positive role model in their early years and you can teach them the skills they need to become wonderful adults later on in life. You will be a pillar of the community and a well-loved member of society.

A childminder

If you want to work from home and enjoy the company of children all day, a great career option for you would be to become a childminder in the area. Any parents who have to go to work will be able to drop their children in your capable hands, and you get to spend your days watching cartoons, playing with them in tor living room and making sure they do their homework. It is the ideal job for anyone who loves to be around children.

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