Congratulations on your exciting news! Getting hitched will definitely be up there with some of your all time favourite memories. You’ll want to make the most of your special day, and ensure that you’ve surrounded yourself with all your loved ones so that they can join in with celebrating your new life as a married couple. However, many brides and grooms-to-be find themselves getting a little overwhelmed, or even stressed, at the prospect of planning such a major life event, let alone at the actual process of actually organising everything. Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal; it just means you care, and want the best day possible.

It’s worth keeping in mind that the day is a fun celebration of your relationship and love, so everything you decide on, should be bringing smiles to your faces. Therefore, it’s time to write down your priorities, and tick things off as you book, contact, and organise, each bit. The following are some ideas and inspirations for those about to tie the knot, who want to ensure that they, and their wedding guests, enjoy a fun-filled day, full of celebrations and smiles (with as little stress as possible).

Stay True To You

It’s time to forget about what you’ve seen your old uni friend, do for their wedding on Facebook, or the latest celeb couple do for their big day in OK magazine. Try to focus on who you are as a couple. Think about what you love, enjoy, and get the most from. This will help you in making an array of the big and small decisions needed to plan your wedding. Perhaps you’re both into your music, and you want the best wedding band London has to offer because a wedding DJ just won’t cut it; it’s perfectly acceptable to make this a priority over something more traditional (although, what even is traditional now?). If you’re both big foodies; your catering, or choice of wedding cake, should be something to invest in so that you can share what you love with those you love the most. Whatever it is you choose, you’ll ensure that your big day is truly personal to you both, and your guests will remember having the best time with you.

If It Doesn’t Feel Right, Forget It

Remember that you’ll (hopefully) only get this special day once, so it’s time to be strong, and throw out any ideas, items, or rituals, that just don’t feel right. There’ll always be (ahem) suggestions, and thoughts from well-meaning family members and friends; however, it’s just not their wedding, it’s yours. Everything from what you both wear, to the vows you say and how your ceremony proceeds, can be adapted to suit the happy couple. There’d be nothing worse than finding yourself feeling a little uncomfortable or unsure of something during your wedding, so make sure that you both have the final say and influence over everything, and everyone that’s involved. It can be challenging, but this rings true for your guestlist too; only surround yourself with those you really want to join you in celebrated, and be strong when it comes to sending out those invites. You won’t regret making the tough choices when you’re dancing the night away with all your favourites, and the happy memories will last a lifetime.

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