Travel is fun and exciting, you get to meet new people, see incredible sights and really open your mind. But if you like to travel, have you ever considered the idea of using these experiences to learn something new and improve your life and future career? Here are some of the ways travel can help you to learn and boost your career prospects.


Sign up to an online course

When you study online, you can take your course with you wherever you go. Since online learning is flexible and you don’t have to attend any classes in person, it’s completely possible to do this while you travel. You could dedicate a few hours a week to it, it wouldn’t need to take up all of your time so you could genuinely do both. The ideal situation would be to volunteer, work or travel to a place which is somehow connected to your learning. For example, if you were studying fashion you could visit the world’s fashion capitals like Milan, Paris and London. However you could just as easily do something that’s not connected and could attend the LSBF while backpacking across America or volunteering in Europe! As long as you have internet connection you have the flexibility to do something like this.

Attend a school abroad

Attending a school abroad and studying as a student who attends classes at a physical college or university can be really beneficial. You might choose to do this if the university offers the very best in the world when it comes to the course you want to do. Otherwise, it could be a great way to learn about a culture, meet new people and even learn a new language. If for example the career you want will require you to live or travel abroad, having this on your resume can be really attractive to employers. They will know that you’re up to the job when you’ve already gone out and studied in another country.


Volunteering your time can be a great way to help others while allowing you to learn something new. Chances are you’ll be taught all kinds of new skills, and even just by passing on your knowledge there’s something to gain. You might learn new things when it comes to construction if you’re working on buildings, or how to go about captivating and interesting children if you’re teaching little ones. You don’t necessarily have to embark on a formal training program to learn new things while you’re away.

There are lots of reasons why employers love individuals that are well travelled, and so just by getting out there and doing what you love looks positive on paper when you want to find work. But it’s easy to go a step further and use your time away to learn something new in the process.

Have you ever considered using your love of travel as a way to boost your career prospects? Have you tried any of these options?


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