If you are looking for a different way to travel, then travelling by boat could be just what you’re looking for. Being able to see cities and countries in a much less crowded way, and see the world on some ancient canals and seas in the sunshine can be the dream. It gives you some more freedom and you get to see the places you’re visiting in a whole new light on the water. There are many benefits to travelling by boat.

This isn’t just talking about a formal cruise either. Whilst cruises are great, you can hire out a yacht or boat with someone like the Global Sailor, hire out a canal boat if you’re staying locally, or even speedboats to see your destination in a whole new way. Whatever form of water transport you’re after, here are some of the places to visit around the world that are much better when done by water.



Venice, Italy

Venice is really a city like no other, with plenty of waterways to explore. The architecture is truly stunning too, and you get the classic Italian weather and food. It is a dreamy destination! For a very Venetian experience on the water, there are a few options for you. You can take a big water bus (Vaporetto) along the Grand Canal for starters, perhaps with a private water taxi for a modern Bond-style adventure. You can’t go to Venice and not experience the traditional Venetian boat, a gondola while having some gelato; a must!

Windermere, UK

The Lake District, as the name describes, is the perfect place for a boat trip. One of the largest lakes in Windermere, and it is one of the UK’s largest natural lakes. To really see all of its beauty, then it is a good idea to do it by boat. From motor boats to old fashioned row boats, as well as large ferry tours, there is something for everyone and every budget. You just have to cross your fingers for some good weather!

Greek Islands

With so much choice when planning a trip to Greece, it can make sense to see the islands by boat. There are many organised yacht tours and boat trips that will allow you to island hope, and bask in the sun and jump in the sea on the way. Summer is the best time for this, as you’ll want to be out on the top deck all of the time.

Paraty, Brazil

The small fishing town of Paraty in Brazil is a picturesque place with some white washed buildings meet the stunning rainforest and mountains, as well as having the sea right by. Taking a trip by boat is a great way to see the town and take in all of its beauty. There are coves to explore as well as turtles to swim with. There are plenty of organized boat tours to choose from, as well as going out with local fisherman to try and catch your lunch!



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