If you’ve ever thought about a holiday to sunny Ibiza, UK based company Dream Villa Rentals can definitely help. Now in their 15th year of business, they offer over 200 luxury villas to rent in all the best spots of The White Isle.

Whether it’s a luxurious contemporary villa with an amazing infinity pool for a special occasion, or a large villa for a big group holiday with family and friends, they have a huge range properties to cater for everyone.

Ibiza Villa Ibiza Villa

Prices of some of the Ibiza villas can look at first glance to be very high, but when you break it down per person, it’s around the same price as staying in a high quality hotel for your stay, with way more freedom and luxury.

Almost all of the properties offered by Dream Villa Rentals in Ibiza come with a private pool, and many also feature added extras like private gyms, cinema rooms and hot tubs. Dream Villa Rentals also has good contacts across the island so they can also help with arranging other services like a chef to take care of the cooking for you or food and drink being delivered to your door. It’s like having your very own villa concierge!

Ibiza Villa Ibiza Villa

If you’re interested in booking, or looking at more of their beautiful properties, you should head to their website

Ibiza Villa

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