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If you’re a frequent, or even frequent traveller, you will know that air travel isn’t exactly the most comfortable of experiences, unless you can afford to fly first class, where it is much more pleasant of course.

If you can’t afford that, you’re probably going to have to put up with a little discomfort and a few annoyances as you travel to your next holiday destination. However, there are several things you can do to make flying economy much more pleasant. Here are some of them:

Don’t Fly

Okay, so this is supposed to be a post about making flights more pleasant, so telling you not to fly might seem a bit odd, but it’s worth remembering that flying isn’t your only option. Depending on where you’re starting and where you’re going, driving, taking the train or ferry, or even cruising to make the travel a comfortable part of your holiday are all options. Many people are wary of taking cruises, in particular, because they don’t know what to expect, but as these tips for first timers highlight, it’s all pretty simple, and there’s not much to worry about, So, if you really hate flying, consider the other options that are available to you.

Dress Comfy

If you dress in clothes that are comfortable, then you will automatically feel more comfortable during your economy flights that you would if your belt was too tight or your bra digging into your shoulders, It’s a simple little thing, but it can really make the world of difference.

Invest in a Very Good Travel Pillow

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You might not have a comfy place to lay your head like those lucky folks in first class do, but if you invest a little in a high-quality travel pillow, you will be able to rest and relax on those long flights to almost the same extent that the passengers with the top tickets can. What makes a good air travel pillow? A pillow which is inflatable, shaped like a horseshoe and made of a soft material is always best.

Switch to a Better Seat

It’s not always possible if your flight is fully booked, but a lot of the time it is possible to find rows of seats that are completely unoccupied, and when that happens, you should always ask the crew if you can switch seats. Why? Because not only will you have the row to yourself without any annoying interruptions, but you’ll be able to lift up the armrest to get some shuteye if it’s a long flight – which is certainly more comfortable than trying to sleep in a sitting position, which is the norm for economy.

Purchase Some Extravagant Duty-Free

If you hate the food in economy class and you want to have something more akin to what they’ll be getting in first class, purchase some luxurious duty-free chocolates and wine  (there will be limitations on how much liquid you can take onboard, so check), and you won’t care about the slop they’re serving you up.

Fully Load Your Tablet

Too tight to pay for the in-flight film? Hate the rubbish they always seem to show anyway. It’s simple – load your tablet or smartphone (tablets are better) with as many great films, TV shows, and songs as you can and enjoy them at your leisure. No more Mr. Bean for you!

Invest in a Good Set of Earplugs or Noise-Cancelling Headphones

There’s nothing like the constant drone of a plane’s engine to really make your flights unpleasant. Luckily, you can dodge that bullet by investing in high-quality travel earbuds of noise-cancelling earphones, which will allow you to enjoy your flight blissfully unaware of the engines constant drone. Bliss!

Pack a Warm Blanket

The blankets that you get in economy class are so thin that they barely do anything to take the chill off and this can stop you from relaxing or sleeping if it is quite cold up in the air., So, pack your own – I recommend cashmere if you want to feel warm and look stylish-  and wear it onboard as a scarf or shawl, so it isn’t counted as part of your hand luggage allowance.

Travelling economy might not be the best experience for many of us, but it does allow us to do more travelling, which is always a good thing. So, instead of complaining about the quality of your flights, use some of the ideas above to make the experience as good as it can get for the price you’re willing to pay.

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