There are so many different places to go in the UK, that if you are looking to start all over again by moving somewhere, you might find yourself in over your head. The cost of living is one of the major factors, as is the best schools, amenities, or even jobs. Overall, where are the best places in the UK to live, as of this year?


Gravely underestimated, especially if you’re looking for the best school in Leicester, as education has a decent footing on the quality league tables but is also home to a thriving and vibrant community. A lot of people can gravitate towards areas near to the Midlands for a cheaper way of life, but you can still get good quality.


Of course, everybody has their own opinion of London, perhaps it’s too expensive, or there is concern about crime, but there are plenty of areas that are fast becoming places to be. The Isle of Dogs in the Docklands district gives people the opportunity to live by the side of the Thames for reasonable prices. It’s Zone 2 on the tube, and if this means nothing to you, it’s pretty close to the centre of London! And it is one of the best places for Christmas, hands down!

Bury St Edmunds

If you looking for somewhere that’s easy on the eye, Suffolk provides wistful countryside if you’re looking to escape a city, and that almost sterile way of living. The sweeping hills and valleys, and rich tapestry of the fields of Suffolk provides a great way out.


A big city with a small-town feel. Cardiff has a rich history and is close to the valleys, but if you’re looking for a reasonable way of life in a big city, Cardiff has numerous pockets of residential neighbourhoods that are affordable. Cardiff is fast becoming one of the primary cities in the UK, and with its rich heritage, and rugby culture, you certainly have that diversity represented in the very fabric of the capital of Wales.


Some people view it as a suburb of Exeter, it is not! This port town is independently minded in so many different ways. As one of the highlights of Devon, if you’re looking for a rustic approach to life, this provides it in spades! It’s certainly one of those places that you can stick a pair of wellies on and saunter to the pub for a lazy Sunday afternoon!


As easy as it would be to go for Glasgow or Edinburgh, Dundee is fast becoming the underdog of Scotland. Far from it being a sleepy city, Dundee boasts an abundance of tourist traps, such as the new V&A, but if you still want that authentic Celtic heartbeat underpinning your life, you won’t go far wrong!


County down in Northern Ireland provides numerous beachside beauties, and as there are so many people heading towards this area, it’s worth striking while the iron is hot, and get an authentic Irish experience while you can!

If you’re looking for some of the best places in the UK to move to, whether you are looking for a new start in a vibrant city, a sleepy town, or you want wistful, whimsical ways of life, there’s plenty to choose from!

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