No matter what your age, lifestyle and work or family commitments, your friends are incredibly important. While we make plenty of time for our friends when we’re at school, college or uni, as time marches inexorably forward we can find ourselves drifting away from them if we’re not too careful. In the era of Netflix and chill it can be all too easy and tempting to become insular and antisocial opting for a quiet night in with your significant other or simply enjoying 24 hours of 24 carat you-time. While alone time is also important, we must all make sure that we nurture our relationships with our friends.

f we’re not careful, life can erode and sever the bonds of friendship to the point where your only contact with them is cheerful posts on your wall when your birthday rolls around and nebulous promises that “we need to do something together soon!”. It’s vital that your friendship group steps out together as often as your schedules will allow. But that doesn’t mean that you should settle for a bottle of Prosecco and Pizza Express every time. Celebrate your friendship by doing something a little quirkier. If money’s a problem, you don’t even need to spend a fortune to enjoy your time together. If you should have a little cash to blow between you, however, there are plenty of fun ways to spend a day as a group such as…


Break out of a locked room together

You know how it is. You set off for a day out with the girls when a serial killer kidnaps you and locks you in a room. Looks like you’ll have to rely on your cunning, logic, creative problem solving and teamwork skills to get you out of this sticky situation. Okay, so the serial killer context may be fictional, but an Escape Room can be a fun and compelling way for you and your girls to bond together working as a team to solve a series of puzzles to release yourselves from the locked room. Follow up with lunch and a few drinks for a truly unforgettable day out.

Welcome to Burlesque

Want to feel sexy and empowered with your sisters while learning some new skills that just might spice things up in your personal life. There are ample opportunities to learn burlesque poses and postures while enjoying a whole body workout with some pole dancing lessons. This is a staple for birthday parties and hen dos but it’s perfect for any group of girls looking for fun who don’t take themselves too seriously.

Smells like me!

We all have a small arsenal of perfumes that we’ve picked out for various occasions; But while we may identify with certain fragrances or wear them if we want to feel a certain way, there’s never a fragrance that is completely and totally us… Until now! For pairs of friends a perfume making experience (available in both London and Manchester) followed by tea for two is a perfect day out of which your unique new perfume will always be a reminder.

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