Holiday Gems Beachside

Holiday Gems Beachside

It is about this time of year that I get seriously itchy feet. January feels like it will never end, the weather seems to be getting worse, not better and the Christmas break is but a speck of a memory. Basically, I’m usually fed up and very much wanting a change of scenery.

But who has the money to splash out big time on a Summer holiday right now, something to look forward to? I’m still broke from December, and the bills are piling up as normal life resumes. However, there is a way round this. What if I told you that you don’t have to pay up front for your Summer of fun? Well, you don’t. Let me tell you about five reasons a low deposit holiday could change your mood (and your travel plans) for good.

1. Because you need something to look forward to

For all the reasons listed above, you need a glimmer of hope to get you through the remaining cold months. But Summer seems so far off and you can’t afford to blow the budget on something just yet. Booking a low deposit holiday now with someone like Holiday Gems means you can be dreaming of that beach view in minutes for just a small amount of money. For a hotel and flight combo, you could book something for just £25pp and have the pictures printed and stuck to your desk before the end of the day.

2. Because you are a travelaholic and you get jittery if you don’t have something booked

If you’re anything like me, you spend hours browsing holiday deals, flight sales and hotels, your twitchy fingers hovering over the buy now button. Admit it, you’re a shopaholic for travel! But at this time of year we all tend to be a little bit more frugal, and you can’t get your booking fix as often as you might like. Unless of course, you opt for a low deposit holiday. Booking this way means you get all the thrills of travel planning and none of the massive upfront cost.

Holiday Gems Spain

3. Because you want a blowout holiday but need to spread the cost

Perhaps this summer you are looking to book something a bit special. A little bit of an upgrade on your budget travels. If you can’t spread the cost of saving up, it can feel like those travel dreams are out of reach. Low deposit holidays with Holiday Gems give you until 14 weeks before to make full payment. If you’re heading off in mid-August, that gives you until the end of April to save save save! Even I can give up my latte addiction for those kind of terms.

4. Because it’s your responsibility to book a holiday for your flakey friends

Hands up if you are the person that always takes responsibility for booking things, and then always has to chase down your mates for payment weeks after? Holidays are not cheap, and I don’t know many people who can stump up the full cost for a seven day holiday for five people on the regular. Sometimes, you just want to jump on a deal and you can’t wait for the money to roll in – so, by booking a low deposit holiday you are spending a lot less upfront. Meaning you haven’t cleared out your bank account for your less than reliable friends.

Tell me, have you ever booked a low deposit holiday?

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