Australia is one of those places that should be on everyone’s bucket list. It might be expensive for the most of us, but it really is the trip of a lifetime. If you are lucky enough to travel there, there should be a few places that you should put on your Australian bucket list. The country is perfect for families, or even just couples, or even solo travellers, so this article is something that should appeal to a wide range of people. Here are our top places that we think you should visit in Australia.

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Perth is the capital of Western Australia, and it attracts so many people throughout the year. The sun is shining for most of the year, and like the rest of Australia, the people you meet there will be amazing. If you’re looking for a way to get around, then you need to be  looking for car hire service in perth. It is the best way to get round the massive city. So, whilst you’re there, the first place that should be on your bucket list is the zoo. Yes, you can see a zoo anywhere in the world, but Peths zoo is absolutely massive, and there is such a wide variety of animals to see. It doesn’t matter who you’re going with, this will be perfect. Then you need to be going visiting the Bibbulmun trail. It is a beautiful walk along the cliffs of the coast line, offering some of the best views you’ll see in Perth.


This is again, a huge city to visit. If you want to get the best experience, you should again be looking to hire a car. One of the first stops on your tour should be a leisurely stroll along the Yarra river. It is a place that attracts so many different tourists year in, year out. There’s plenty to do there no matter who you’re going with. Either enjoy a stroll, or try your hand at a bit of leisurely kayaking. Then, just like with Perth, there’s the Great Ocean road. It is a stretch of road that goes on for miles, and offers some truly amazing views. You can even get guided tours that’ll take you to all the best spots along the route. Australia is very much a relaxed sightseeing holiday!


We couldn’t talk about Australia without talking about one of the biggest and best cities there is. Sydney just has so much to offer in terms of spectacular views. If you can get a last minute flight now and see it in the sun, it is even better. The Opera House is a must. This staggering building is just amazing to look at, both inside and out. The a look at the Sydney harbour bridge should finish the day off. Around both of these are plenty of bars and cafes for you to relax and soak up the sun whilst being in front of amazing views. Sydney is however, one of the more pricey cities to visit.


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