If you have some time coming up where you’ll be out of work, you might have already started planning a few trips away. Travel can sometimes be a little expensive, and when you take into account the flights, hotel and everything else, you can end up wishing you stayed at home. However, there are some ways you can travel for less during the year and still have a great time.

Travel in the Low Season

One of the most simple tips is to travel during the quiet seasons. Think about when the most popular holiday months are- it will usually be around July and August in the height of summer, when the kids are off school. Tourism companies know this, and this is why over the summer period the prices are hiked up by a huge chunk. If you don’t want to be paying through the make for your trip away, try going in the low season. You can find deals on sites like this: https://www.gadventures.com/travel-deals/ and you will notice that if you change your dates to either May or September, the price difference can be huge.

Day Trips

How many times have you just left the house in your car and travelled to a national park or town? During your days off why not take the chance to wake up little early and go for a mini road trip. Even if you only spend an hour in the car, you will still be able to enjoy a day out in your local area and explore places you’ve never visited before.

House Swap

There are plenty of places online which will let you carry out a home exchange for a couple of weeks. It means that you can choose your destination and swap your home with them for a week or two. You’ll be able to stay in a private home and enjoy all of the facilities, and you will have a family staying in your home, looking after it while you are away. It might seem a strange to let a stranger sleep in your home, but you will be sleeping in theirs at the same time so they will treat your home with the respect that they would want for theirs.

Book A Big House

One of the easiest ways you can save money on a holiday is by going in a large group. If you have a family group or friends who are willing to split the bill, you can rent a large home for the week and it will work out much cheaper than staying in a home yourself or a hotel.

Couch Surfing

You may have never heard of this method of travel before, but it essentially means that you will find a home which is willing to let you sleep on their couch or spare bedroom for the week. It is much cheaper than renting a home, and you can do this in loads of locations. The most popular site is http://www.couchsurfing.com.

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