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Just because you’ve been in the same job for what seems like an eternity doesn’t mean there aren’t new skills to learn. In the twenty-first century, there seems to be a new piece of industry-specific software to master every week. Technological advancements, as well as new theoretical methodologies, make the world of business an exciting sphere in which to work. However, you shouldn’t become complacent in your role. If and when you seek promotion you’ll be competing with some exceptional candidates. Take a look at why continuing professional development is vital to your success.

Scrabble Tiles

Lifelong Learning

Just because you graduated with a first or you got top marks for your dissertation doesn’t mean you are assured of promotions throughout your career. You need to show a commitment to learning throughout your time within the world of work. You could choose to undertake more formal qualifications to enhance your resume and develop a deeper understanding of your chosen field. For those wanting to develop leadership skills within the engineering sector, a masters of engineering management course will see you head and shoulders above your rivals when it comes to shortlisting prospective candidates. There are numerous part time, online and flexible postgraduate courses for you to explore.

While formal qualifications have their place, informal in-house training sessions are also valuable. When others go outside of the office to attend a course led by an external provider, it’s important that you attend their feedback session and understand what they have learnt. Every member of a staff team has skills and knowledge that can be shared. It’s up to you to facilitate this.

Future Proofing Skills

It was less than a generation ago that the Internet was not fully utilised within the workplace, smartphones were nothing more than science fiction, filing cabinets remained full of ten years worth of contracts, invoices and paperwork, and video calls hadn’t even been invented. Imagine not keeping abreast of developments and refusing to learn new skills. Fast forward two decades and you couldn’t imagine a day without email or Skype. Technology within business is constantly moving forward and developing, and it’s up to you to be proactive and ensure thatyou continue to have your finger on the pulse.

Stack of Books



If you attend trade shows or meet new clients and they ask about your experience, they will have much more confidence in you if you can describe not only your work experience but also the training and qualifications that you have undertaken. Recent and relevant industry training is worth so much more than the exceptional grade you achieved in your degree a decade ago.

Continuing professional development means that you will remain proficient in your chosen role throughout your career. You might be able to become affiliated with professional organisations, and you could find that your earning potential is increased all because of your willingness to remain open to new skills and eagerness to remain at the forefront of industry developments.



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