Broadening your horizons is closely associated with personal growth and becoming a better person. By experiencing more of the world and what it has to offer, you can become more self aware and mindful, amongst other things. You’ll learn a lot and see things that could potentially change your worldview. Below, let’s take a look at what you can do to begin broadening your horizons this year. 

Travel And Interact With The Locals

Traveling is the only thing we can spend money on that actually makes us richer. Whether you can go somewhere for a weekend or a few weeks doesn’t matter – what matters is you go, and you go often. Don’t just interact with other travellers, either. Make sure you interact with the locals. You never know what wisdom they may impart upon you, or what hidden treasures they might show you in the place you are visiting! 

Take An Interest In The Hobby Of A Friend

If one of your friends has a crazy hobby like wrestling, knitting, or even scuba diving, get involved! Not only is this a chance for you to try out something totally out of character, it’s a way for you to build a stronger bond with your friend. 

Head To A Cool Festival

Festivals are a wonderful way to have fun and broaden your horizons. There are food festivals, music festivals, and all kinds of other festivals that you could go to, both abroad and at home. Festivals are great to enjoy with friends, but you can also go with family, and providing the festival is safe you could even visit alone. The atmosphere at a festival is unbeatable! 

Go Back Into Education

Want to learn something new? Go back into education! Going to the University of Southern California to do a couple more years is nothing in the grand scheme of things, and you’ll develop new skills and knowledge that could help you to expand your career or even start up on your own. Alternatively, you could find a night course, weekend workshop, or even online course to help you learn new things and get to where you want to be. You can fit it around your schedule and learn something new at the same time. 

Try Something You’ve Always Been Afraid To Try

Is there something you’ve always thought would be fun to try but you’ve been afraid? Maybe you always think about stand up comedy classes, acting classes, or some other kind of performance. Maybe you just want to start painting, or crocheting, or making jewelry. Whatever it is, you need to feel that fear and do it anyway. You keep thinking of this thing, whatever it may be, for a reason. So do it! Feeling scared is often a good sign that you should do it, as it means you’ll grow as a person and get out of your comfort zone. 

Read As Much As Possible

Reading both story books and non-fiction books is a great way to continue learning and grow as a person. Whether you’re reading an autobiography, self improvement book, or a Harry Potter book doesn’t matter. Read as much as you can and diversify your tastes. Reading improves empathy, vocabulary and communication skills, and has many other benefits. It’s a great way to relieve stress, too! 

Volunteer Your Time

Why not volunteer your time for a cause that matters to you? There are dog shelters, homeless shelters, clean up initiatives, and more. You don’t have to volunteer hours of your time every day. Once a week, or even once a fortnight will really help the cause and help you to grow as a person. 

Become A Good Listener

Rather than waiting for people to stop talking so you can say what you want to say (what most of us are actually doing during a conversation), get really interested in what they are telling you. Listen properly, nod, remember things for next time you see them, and ask questions. Being interested in others not only makes you more likeable, it helps you to develop more compassion and empathy. 

Aim To Get Outside Of Your Comfort Zone Daily

Do something small each day that helps you to get out of your comfort zone. Do a new gym class. Smile at a stranger. It doesn’t have to be huge! 

Think Big

Letting go of your limiting beliefs is key if you want to keep growing. If you think you can’t do something, that’s a limiting belief. What would you do if you knew you could do anything? Don’t limit yourself!

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