If you don’t go into 2019 with this attitude, then you really are going into the new year with the wrong sort of mindframe. The world is your oyster, and it always has been. It’s just up to you to discover it. We don’t necessarily mean in the context of travelling, we could mean to do with anything in your life. You want a new car, work to get it. You want a new job, go and apply for a new one! We’re so bad at just letting the year pass us by with a desire to lead a different lifestyle, but we spend so much time shying away from actually grabbing it.

So, although we could talk about the context of everything in life, today we’re just going to talk about the world that you could explore. There are so many countries out there that are waiting for you, and literally crying out for you. So many rely on the tourism that their wonderful land creates, and if it were not for the love of travel that people have, the world would not be developing as it is today. So, if you don’t know why the world is your oyster, or if you don’t quite have that lust for travel at the minute, let us change your mind with this fabulous article!

Be That Free Spirit

Sometimes you just need to be a free spirit. You need to have that carefree attitude that is going to take you around the world, because until you do feel like that, you’re always going to be stuck in the bubble that you’re in at the minute. The bubble you’re in at the minute is going to be the daily grind one. The controlling system that you’re in, but the system that pays the bills and keeps your world spinning. But what if there was another world outside of that bubble you’re in? Surely you have people in your life that are so care free, and seem to be going here there and everywhere, and you just wonder how they have the courage to do such a thing!?

We know we do, and it is their lifestyle that we want you to try and copy, but make your own. You have to try and let go of the routine you’re in, stop trying to please others, and start to live your own life the way that you want it. The more you stop caring about what others want you to do, and what society thinks you should do, the more you start to become a free spirit. Even if it is not relating to travel, you will finally feel like your mind is free to do what it wants!

The Countries Crying Out For You

If the world is your oyster, you should definitely know about some of the countries that are literally crying out for you. Like we said in the opening section, some really do rely on the tourism of the people coming through, and if it were not for people like you, families would not be fed. All of Asia, especially the south east is in need of you. But what a wonderful part of the world to visit. A beautiful townhouse could be your abode, and you could spend your days lying on the luxurious beaches, soaking up the rich culture and religion, and eating some of the most obscure foods in the world.

But even though you will be basking in the sun and taking everything in, you’ll also be putting food on families tables, and the hospitality you’ll feel from countries such as Thailand and Bali because of this, will be incredible. Don’t get us wrong, sometimes the people in these countries can be so pushy for you to buy their things. But you could be the only sale they make that day, and they’re only doing it out of desperation.

Whilst on the topic of beautiful climates and countries, we think India is also one you have to visit. The vibe really is electric here, and you’ll be rushed off your feet with the madness of it all. People flock there every year, but we would definitely recommend going when the weather is a little cooler. Temperatures can soar over 50 degrees, making it pretty much impossible to go out in the day time. You should definitely take a visit if you’re looking to eat some of the best food in the world, see one of the 8 wonders of the world, and just have a truly amazing time!

The Lifestyle You Could Lead

If you allow the world to be your oyster, you could live a much better lifestyle. If you were to truly let yourself go and go travelling the world, well then you would be in for a treat. Some people spend a year or two saving, and never look back. If this sounds like a dream to you, then we ask you what is stopping you? If you have a partner, you could talk about the possibility of going with them. If you have a job, who is to say that you won’t find one when you come back. And who is to say that you won’t eventually reside in another country. There are some locations around the world that have great career opportunities, and the lifestyle you could lead there would be so much better. You’ll have so much more fun, and you’ll be so much happier for it.

Would You Just Up & Leave?

We’ve just touched on it, but would you actually up and leave? Some people just take a leap of faith and do it, and even if you only do it for a couple of months, we definitely would recommend trying it, just so you have the experience whilst you’re young. If you’ve never considered it before, then think about it, and think about the benefits it would have for you! If not, then try and squeeze is as many holidays as you possibly can in the new year!

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