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You have been at your present job for a while, and despite the fact that this has been the only employment you have known, you still think you can do better. You wake up in the morning, and the thought of going back to your office fills you with dread, and you have lately been complaining non-stop to your friends about your job. You know these aren’t good signs, and as a result, you have decided it’s time to look elsewhere for money.

Your friends keep complimenting your people skills, and you know your analytical mind could be an asset to businesses out there looking for a talented worker like you. Still, you have no idea what to consider when it comes to looking for a different job.

Here is a list of careers that you might enjoy if you are after an exciting workplace.

Police Officer

If you are looking for a job in which no two days are the same, becoming a police officer is something you might want to consider. Becoming a policing agent will not only lead to you being respected in your community thanks to the hard work you will put towards keeping it safe, but it will also mean you are surrounded by like-minded people and work in an environment that is far from boring. Being in the police force can be demanding, as at times you will need to look after cases that are unpleasant and which might make you question the human condition, but if you are prepared to accept the fact that life can be hard for some people and this makes them react in unpredictable ways, you should consider being part of the police. This policing degree will help you get closer to your goal.


In the era of Donald Trump’s Fake News, more journalists are needed to expose the harsh truths of the planet in which we live. Gone are the days when journalists were revered for their hard work and respected for bringing the truth closer to the people. These days, journalists are mocked, and many of them switch careers as they find it hard to access reliable sources for their stories as well as be thanked for the effort they put in towards their work. If you would like to bring more justice to the world and have a way with words, you might want to consider becoming a journalist. Often a challenging profession as in this advertising-dominated world few are the means of communication that are free from private and lucrative ways of funding, becoming a reporter might be what you are after if you have strong opinions and want these to be heard by the masses. These are the traits a journalist should have in case you are wondering whether you’d be right for the job!


If you like the sound of voicing opinions but you are not ready to be immersed in all that gloom that is current affairs, becoming a performer might be what’s in the cards for you. Please note that this is a highly unstable career as wanting to be on stage will mean that you will have work at times but not in a steady way. If you are looking for permanent work, this is not the career for you as becoming a performer might will mean you are hired for specific projects and not for long-term work, unless you are lucky. However, becoming an actor might still be interesting for you if you want to get on stage and show the world the views you hold without having to encounter vast amounts of red tape.

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