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If you want to truly immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of the real South Africa, then travelling to its Eastern Cape is a must for you. It is a must because, here, especially when compared to the far more developed and Westernised Western Cape, you will find everything that the country of South Africa is really about and has been about all of its life.

So, get to the Eastern Cape! And, when you do decide to do so, make sure read on to find some of the specific places to visit and some of the best things to do whilst there.

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Indulge in a true African safari experience in Samara

The Samara is an award-winning private game reserve that is found in the heart of the Great Karoo region, and cannot be missed if you truly want to experience a true African safari experience in the safest way possible. In this reserve you would be able to go on game drives and guided walks, relax at wilderness picnics, do a spot of bird-watching and explore the Karoo landscape via mountain bikes, and you would be able to do all of this in the knowledge that the area you are in is completely malaria free.

Go on a hog hollow horse trail in Plettenberg Bay

Plettenberg Bay and the Tsitsikamma National Park that sits just outside of it offer up some of the most beautiful sights to be beheld in all of South Africa and not just its Eastern Cape, and if you truly want to experience them then you should do so via horseback. You should do so because it would allow you to the chance to feel the South African sun on your face, the chance to see spectacular wildlife that call this part of the world their home as well as the chance to smell all the fynbos and ferns that you would travel through and past.

Go extreme with Ocean Xtreme in Cinsta

The Eastern Cape coastline sits on the warm sea waters of the Indian Ocean, and you can take full advantage of these waters by getting in touch with Ocean Xtreme. Whether it is the company’s MILD or WILD experience that you go for, or even an amalgamation of the two, you’re sure to experience a day of fun and enjoyment on these old, famous waters. Plus, you’ll be more than likely to see a dolphin or two!

Catch a glimpse of history in Stutterheim

If the man-made history of South Africa interest you then a visit to Stutterheim, particularly the Stutterheim Stationary Engine Museum, is a must for you. Here you’ll find one a large and comprehensive collection of stationary engines, a type of machinery that played a key role in this part of the world in the early 20th century.

A journey to South Africa’s Eastern Cape is something you must do if you are not one for seeing the same things that you can see back home and do want to experience a true African culture.

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