The concept of “mattress-in-a-box” has literally revolutionized the mattress industry over the recent years. The development of innovative manufacturing and packing processes has allowed the birth of the box model and has taken out almost completely the conventional mattresses.

Most of these brands have established a name for themselves online, but let’s not forget that the mattress industry is not the only industry to have moved to the virtual marketplace. The world is going virtual allowing more money to go into proactive research instead of overheads.

However, there are so many mattress-in-a-box companies online that you can’t help wondering why and how they have gained such popularity in a rather short time. Here are some of the product features that have made mattresses-in-a-box companies famous and popular quickly:

  1. Risk-Free Trials: An Opportunity to Test Drive Your Mattress

Most companies sell their mattresses-in-a-box online and they’ve won consumers over by offering risk-free trials. A practical concept that has taken the guesswork out of the equation. Eve, Emma, Simba, and other companies are all offering 100-night, or more, risk-free trials.

While inside a typical store it would be impossible to spend 20 minutes lounging on a mattress before buying it, with mattress-in-a-box brands, you get to spend at least 100 nights sleeping on the bed before actually buying it or returning it without any additional costs!

For more information on the risk-free trial concept, check out Simba mattress overview here! Because it can take a bit of time to get acquainted with a new mattress, the producers have made sure that once you try a mattress-in-a-box, you will wish to never part with it again.

  1. Buying and Returning Made More Convenient Than Ever

With mattress-in-a-box brands offering risk-free trials, people no longer need to visit actual stores and sacrifice their weekends trying to identify the right mattress at an affordable price while dealing with pushy salespeople and a limited product range to test. They can save money while checking out offers and reviews in the comfort of their home.

Since you can now acquire such a mattress online, you are free to get informed whenever it is convenient for you and then decide. The fact that these mattresses can be shipped to your doorsteps vacuum sealed, compressed, and rolled in a relatively small box, is a fantastic advantage.

Just unwrap it, and the mattress will magically expand to its full size right in your bedroom. Shipping is not the only thing that’s free. Returning is usually free as well, and you don’t have to deal with repacking either. It makes you wonder: could it get better than that?

If you don’t want to keep the mattress, the company itself or a local charity will pick it up free of charge and will recycle or donate it depending on each case. I found a lot about the delivery process of a typical bed-in-a-box company by reading this in-depth Emma analysis.

  1. Mattresses-in-a-Box Are Less Expensive Than Conventional Ones

The fact that these brands market and sell their products online cuts down operating costs dramatically. Go-betweens are literally eliminated since you are placing your order directly with the producer. That’s why their retail prices are so attractive.

Irrespective of their name, these mattresses are high quality, easy to ship and return, while they remain accessible and versatile. If you are interested in the know-how behind such a mattress, here is where you can learn more about Eve bed for example.

  1. Beds-in-a-Box Offers Diversity in All Respects

The mattresses-in-a-box industry is quite vast, and the competition is acerb. Subsequently, customers have a wide range of quality products at their disposal to make their selection. As in-store shopping is eliminated, customers can afford to make informed decisions, not rushed ones.

As far as beds-in-a-box are concerned, diversity covers just about every possible aspect, from the technology behind the concept and the way materials are selected to the key features of the mattress, i.e., size, feel, breathability, motion isolation, edge support, or customizability.

Sleep science has developed considerably based on the rise of the mattress-in-a-box industry. Producers understand that sleep deprivation has become a serious issue that plagues the lives of a significant percentage of the world’s population, which is why they’ve developed innovative concepts to improve the quality of sleep for their excessively stressed customers.

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