Mezquita Catedral Of CordobaEvery traveler worth their salt has one. The bucket list: the all-important, often too-large list detailing all the spots in the globe we simply have to see before we kick it. There are a lot of spots that travellers will share, like Paris, New York, Tokyo. But if you limit yourself to cities, you are doing yourself an injustice. Even if you just experience the kinds of trips below just once, you owe it to yourself to add a little variation to your ambitions.

The dive in history

It’s an unfortunate reality that a lot of globe-trotters who stick mostly to cities will go to those places that offer luxury and recreation, but without a thought to exploring the diverse history the region has to offer. It’s worth visiting cities and towns with real heritage behind them, and to many people, the top cathedrals in Europe are the best way to do it. Our honorary mention is Cordoba, in Spain, for highlighting the shifting cultures that collided, combatted, and eventually co-existed before, during, and after the Reconquista.

The wildlife vacation

We’re not the only creatures living here, of course, and sometimes a focus on only the settlements and civilizations of the world can feel a little self-obsessed. There’s nothing that brings you closer to that sensation of being part of a truly diverse world than an African safari. The chance to see lions, cheetahs, wildebeest, rhinos, and elephants up-close is something that everyone should afford themselves. Besides, some of the stunning backdrops like the Masai Mara valley make for an excellent setting for a balloon ride.

The foodie trip

If you are going to experience another culture, then you’re doing yourself a disservice if you only limit yourself to look at their art and marveling at their architecture. Explorers should be adventurous and that means indulging all your senses. Japan is definitely a must-visit for the foodie, with Tokyo’s Tsukiji market being of fantastic value not just for the bustling market but the world-class sushi joints that surround the street. However adventurous you feel, however, it’s always worth reminding you not to eat street meat. Adventurous is one thing, but you don’t need to a risk-taker.

The cold place

Snowbirds are going to shut off here, but those from the rest of the world, stop being so obsessed with the sun and the beach. Some of the most magical landscapes can be found in the coldest of locations. Iceland has fast become a popular tourist destination as of late, but if you want to see a winter wonderland in all its glory, visiting Finland to see the northern lights is going to leave you with a visual that will stick with you for the rest of your life. Bite the bullet and take a walk on the cold side for once.

Once you’ve filled out your bucket list a little more and made it a good deal more even, it’s time to go hit up some of those spots. The world awaits, don’t just keep it on a list.

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