If you have a constant case of wanderlust, then you are likely to always be planning your next adventure. But of course, travel as often as you want to can be tricky to actually happen. So what if you were told that gelato in Rome, or sipping on a fresh coconut on a Thai beach could actually happen sooner than you think? All it takes is taking your life back to basics, and simplifying. Here is how…


Think of Everything in Terms of Travel

If you don’t already think of everything in your life in terms of its travel value, then it is a good idea to start thinking about it in that way. Thinking of eating out in a fine dining restaurant this weekend? That meal alone could be the cost of a week’s worth of food at an Indian market. Planning to get your hair done at the salon instead of your usual go-to hair dye? That could be the same cost as a https://www.ryanair.com flight for a European city break. When you start thinking of everything in terms of how much it would cost relating to travel, it will put it all into perspective, and you’ll cut back in some areas so that you can get travelling sooner than you think.

Simplify Your Home

If you plan to be abroad a couple of months of the year, then it can put into perspective what you need in your home. If you have plenty of surplus in the home, then are there any items that you could throw or sell on? Even getting a quote to deliver it to someone else from somewhere like https://www.shiply.com/large-item-delivery/cheap-furniture-delivery.php can be cheaper than you think. So there shouldn’t be any excuse for not having a declutter in your home, to simplify and create an income for travel.

Make Everyday Swaps

There will be some things that you can do in your everyday life to make changes that will allow you to simplify and save money for travels. From the previous example of going to the hair salon overdoing it yourself, to switching the brands that you buy for food, and choosing the supermarket own version instead. There are plenty of everyday swaps; so think about what you’re buying and if there is a cheaper version, if you even need it at all.

Work on a Side Hustle

If going away every few months for travel won’t always be feasible for you and your job, then it can be a good idea to think of a different way that you can get an income. Even if you can get time off work, sometimes it may be unpaid, and being able to work a little when you’re away is a good idea. So work on a side hustle that could help. From blogging, working as a virtual assistant, copywriting, or social media management, there are plenty of things that require only a few hours at a time and only need an internet connection.

How do you make sure that you travel as much as you can?


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