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Hi, I’m Sam Sparrow and I’m the founder of As The Sparrow Flies, a travel + lifestyle blog dedicated to helping others live their best life with positivity, inspiration and sass.

I want you to have an unforgettable adventure every day!

I work in technology, supporting charities to build new digital services AND I once founded a youth recruitment social enterprise, but you can find out more about that over on Linkedin if that’s your bag.

But back to this corner of the internet.

Since I was a small child I have been endlessly curious about the world around me. Whether that was through spinning the globe on the shelf of my childhood bedroom, creating radio shows on a tape and handing them to my grandparents, building forts in the local park or going on camping holidays with the Guides, I’ve never once shied away from an adventure.

And when I was 15, dial up internet and MSN Messenger seemed like a really big adventure.

I’ve been writing on the internet since 1998, on old Geocities sites I hacked together, LiveJournal, my own homemade blog in 2001 whilst at University and as the co-founder of Unsorry Magazine for the last six years. Never short of an opinion or five, the internet seemed like a really rather excellent place to share them and basically, here we are.

I’m passionate about travel, exploring the world one city break at a time and festivals are one hundred percent my thing, despite my increasing years. When I’m not boarding a plane you’ll find me exploring my home city of London (especially disused Tube stations), growing veggies in my garden and trying yet another brand of gin – because the more gin the better, really.

My friends have always told me I’m pretty good at advice, especially relating to careers and personal development – I’m a dab hand at an interview, and having run my own recruitment agency I’ve got a lot of careers hacks up my sleeve.

Above all, I like to live life with a bit of sass. I’m a feminist. A fan of the power fringe. And leopard print is my jam.

I really hope you enjoy reading my stories.

A First Timers Guide To Paris

More About As The Sparrow Flies

I want the stories, advice and anecdotes on these pages to help you live your best life with positivity, inspiration and sass. Whether that’s seeing the world, improving your mindset, developing your career or just choosing yourself, As The Sparrow Flies will help you navigate difficult issues, give the world what-for and be there for you during life’s best and worst bits.

Because I’ve been there, am there or have done that – and I am a classic over-sharer if nothing else.

So if you are ambitious, unapologetic and unafraid of living life to its fullest, you’re in the right place. This blog is written for people just like you – honest, open and on the internet.

Send me a little hello and let me know what’s going on with you!

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  1. Hey Sam! I just came across your blog from a Facebook group and wanted to say hi because I relate a lot to your story. I got married after college and we settled into the routines of life, but I haven’t been able to deny my desire to see more of the world (in my case, it’s mostly Latin America). I’m about your age and doing some part time exploring now, and it’s been fun. Anyway, it’s nice to connect!

    P.S…I’m going to out myself here, but is that a Pretty Little Liars reference? 🙂

  2. Ah great about page – I feel so much of what you’ve written in myself.
    I love to travel, and never did a big pre or post uni trip, but did a few longer trips (3 wks, to 2months) whilst in uni. And now life… I own my own cafe business and house which of course limits any giant trips… but small trips, near or far, and the occasional two weeker are still ours for the taking right!
    Gorgeous blog and great to know someone else is also tackling there wandurlust like me one trip at a time!

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