When you listen to this episode of the podcast, you’ll realise how much fun Emma-Louise and I had recording it. As the longest episode yet, it’ll take you through every emotion possible – laughing so hard you’ll have to clutch your stomach, shock and awe and tears of both joy and sadness. In fact, after recording, it took me many hours to wind down as our chat left me thinking and feeling so much.

But I digress. I’m talking to my long-time internet friend Emma-Louise Trotter from lifestyle blog The Life Edit. Based in Harrogate, we chat about how travel has been a part of both her most brilliant and most difficult memories, and as an amazing storyteller it will feel like you are right there with her. We talk about her early experiences of European camping trips with her parents (and the lost art of sending postcards), and how her Dad’s death led her to travel more than ever before.

As well as sharing stories from her travels in Dubai, Italy, France and across the USA, we talk candidly about mental health, and how Emma-Louise sees travel as her therapy. We also chat about how your Mum can make an excellent travel companion as you get older. For anyone who wants to get under the skin of why people are driven to travel, and enjoys a deeper discussion on the emotional side of seeing the world this is the episode for you.

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