If you love to travel and you aren’t satisfied with one trip a year, why not travel full time? Except, it’s not quite as simple as that for most people because if you want to travel full time, you need money to do it with. There are lots of ways to save up for a trip, like selling your possessions or scrapping your car for cash, but what do you do on the road?

Most people don’t have the money to just quit their job and go travelling, but if you work while you travel, you can afford to keep going for as long as you like. It’s getting easier than ever to work on the go and you have plenty of great options. These are some of the best jobs to do while you travel. 


The most obvious choice for somebody that wants to work while they travel is becoming a travel blogger. If you are already going to be travelling, why not write about it and earn some money from it? As long as you can build a good following, you may be able to earn a full time living from your blog and fund all of your travels. However, it will take time to get enough readers to make the blog profitable, so you will need to find other ways to fund yourself as you go. 

Personal Trainer 

Being a personal trainer might not be your first thought when you’re looking for travel jobs, but it’s ideal because you can work from anywhere. You just need to advertise yourself and find a local gym and you can start giving sessions. As long as you get the right personal training qualifications beforehand, you should be able to find clients wherever you are. If you’re interested in fitness and you spend a lot of time working out anyway, personal training is a great option. 

Teaching English 

Teaching English as a foreign language is a very common job for people that are travelling. There are plenty of different countries, especially around Asia, where you can easily find work as an English teacher for people of all different ages. In certain countries, you will need a degree but in most places, you can get by with a Tefl qualification, which you can get fairly easily. 

Virtual Assistant 

Virtual assistants are becoming a lot more popular in the business world and there are more positions available than ever. The benefit of being a virtual assistant is that you can do it remotely so as long as you have an internet connection. That makes it ideal for people that want to travel and you can relax on the beach and put your feet up while you work. 

Bar Work 

If you are stuck for ideas and you are struggling to find work while you are abroad, bar work is always a safe bet. Regardless of where you are, it’s likely that you’ll be able to find a job at a bar or a restaurant, especially if you are in a very touristy area that gets a lot of visitors. 

These are all great jobs that you can do while you travel, so you don’t have to come home until you are ready.

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