Until fairly recently, I had always dismissed a proper winter break due to my huge aversion to skiing. I have never tried skiing, but the thought of it completely terrifies me and my own bumbling, clumsy nature I’m sure would have me landing upside down in a second.

However, the world of winter holidays is not just limited to extreme sports (sorry, but throwing yourself down a mountain is extreme to me!), and the idea of taking a relaxing slow holiday soaking up incredible scenery covered in beautiful snow definitely appeals. I’ve been browsing the types of holidays that Inntravel, the slow holidays company offer, and with a variety of short winter snow breaks on offer, it got my wanderlust operating in overdrive. Here are my four bucket list snow breaks that I’d love to take!

1. A Christmas market break with a snowy backdrop

A Christmas market visit really is the start of the season for me, and although I always visit markets in London to get my fill of mulled wine and Christmas lights, visiting the German Christmas Markets in Berlin last year made me realise that Europe just do them better!

Bucket List Winter Breaks

Due to our mild December whether in the UK, we very rarely get Christmas snow now, so it’s unlikely I’ll ever feel the romance of sipping on a hot chocolate surrounded by Christmas fare with powder soft snow gently falling on my nose. So what better way to get the bucker list experience of my dreams then heading to a country that is more likely to have a snowy market to visit? Germany, Austria and Switzerland are all on my hit list – they all give incredible (and more likely snowy) weihnachtsmarkt.

2. Watching the Northern Lights in Norway

Who doesn’t have booking a trip to the Northern Lights on their must-do list? It’s probably one of the top things I want to do, but I’ve been so nervous about booking and then failing to see them that I just haven’t gone and done it. Although many people head to Iceland when chasing down their beauty, I instead am extremely keen to travel back to Norway to get my light fix. Tromsø to be exact.

Bucket List Winter Breaks

Buried deep within the Artic Circle, Tromsø offers the best chance of actually seeing the Aurora Borealis, and it’s actually on the same latitude as Alaska and Siberia. It offers lots of other activities during the day, such as museums and an incredible cathedral, and by night you can chase down the Northern Lights for yourself. Take me there, please!

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3. Seeing Gullfoss, Iceland in the snow

Despite preferred to see the Northern Lights from a different location, I am still incredibly keen to visit Iceland too. Of course I want to chase geysers and pools and bathe in the Blue Lagoon and visit the city of Reykjavik, but what I really want to see is Gullfoss. And I really want to see it in the snow.

Bucket List Winter Breaks

Gullfoss is a waterfall located in the canyon of Olfusa river in southwest Iceland, and is Iceland’s most popular tourist attraction. You can visit it as part of a Golden Circle tour and just stand back, open-mouthed at its beauty. I mean look at it! It’s awe-inspiring and I cannot wait to visit it one day!

4. Trying out snowshoeing for the first time

I’ve already said that I am not into skiing and snowboarding, but that doesn’t mean that all winter activities are off limits for me. I’d absolutely love to try and do some hiking in the snow, or showshoeing, being at one with the snow and nature, warming up afterwards with a hot toddy with my nose glowing pink with the cold.

Bucket List Winter Breaks

Who wouldn’t want to soak up all that Alpine scenery whilst taking a slow jaunt cross country with your trusty snow shoes, walking poles and snazzy ski jacket? In fact, many European locations don’t even require you to use proper snow shoes, and you can get along on the special paths with nothing more than a pair of waterproof boots. I’d definitely love to to book a winter walking holiday!

I think the opportunities for excitement and joy during this season are so much more than Summer – and the snow certainly brings out a level of childish exhilaration. I’d love to know if you are planning any bucket list winter breaks this year so I can get even more inspired to live out my snow dreams!


Winter Holidays | Snow Breaks | Northern Lights | Christmas Markets | Norway | Iceland | Snowshoeing

Winter Holidays | Snow Breaks | Northern Lights | Christmas Markets | Norway | Iceland | Snowshoeing

 *This post was written in collaboration with Inntravel

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