Paris is known for many things, including being the city of romance and love. But as Virginia Woolf wisely said, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well”. She’s not wrong, I’m an absolute witch when I’m hungry, and good food can be the difference between a bad weekend and a great one.

Whilst I didn’t fall as hard for Paris as some others have (see the full city guide here, and my reasons for not enjoying Paris as much as I’d hoped to), one thing I will say about Paris is that food is absolutely top notch. In our short weekend we managed to fit in a lot of eating and drinking, so it is a good job we fit in a lot of walking around too. Or else they would have had to roll me on to that Eurostar home.

Here’s all the places I’d highly recommend trying when you are next in Paris!

Le Relais de l’Entrecôte

I thought I’d start with the best of the best. Our favourite restaurant in Paris, and one that we would have happily ate at each day. Le Relais pretty much serves only one thing – amazing steak frites. AMAZING. The best meal we ate in Paris by some margin, and recommended by bloggers Sophie Cliff and Wanderluce.

A First Timers Guide To Paris

What’s better than one plate of amazing steak frites? TWO PLATES of amazing steak frites, and that is exactly what happened without asking. Upon ordering, we were brought a little salad to start, and then we were served a full plate, as above, of our steak frites. I’ll be honest, we cleared that off pretty quickly, and just as I was remarking how I could totally eat that again, the waitress was back and serving us another round. WITHOUT ASKING.

Surely seconds of steak without asking is pretty much the dream, right?

Bistro Melrose

Recommended by my friend Lea, Bistro Melrose is a cute little bistro based in Place du Clichy where we had an incredible traditional French meal for a bargain 39 euros including wine and an aperitif.

Foodies guide to Paris

Foodies guide to Paris

A First Timers Guide To Paris

There was plenty to choose from, from traditional french dishes through to excellent seafood and it was extremely hard to choose. Eventually I opted for a Prawn and Avocado Cocktail, a traditional duck/potato dish and an apple tart that completely blew my mind. It was very 70s, but the service was wonderful and we left with full bellies, hearts and importantly wallets!

Hot chocolate thicker than custard, steak frites + macrons. Read all about Paris' food scene here!Click To Tweet

Kraft Hot Dog

Another Wanderluce recommendation Kraft wouldn’t be out of place in Shoreditch. A trendy hole in the wall style eatery serving inventive hot dogs right in The Marais just minutes from the Pompidou centre, the food is simply but delicious.

On the face of things, you wouldn’t think you could be that inventive with hot-dogs but Kraft manage to be with crispy fried onions, guacamole, cheese and coleslaw being among the many topping options.

Foodies guide to Paris

The guys at Kraft were super friendly too and it was clearly popular locally as there were big queues as we arrived. Definitely seek it out on your next trip to Paris!

Mamie Burger

Sometimes only a burger will do, and after a weary three days walking the length and breadth of Paris, we were in search of pre-Eurostar sustenance close to Gare du Nord. We found Mamie Burger on the slightly edgy but definitely up and coming Rue de Faubourg and ordered burgers, fries and happy hour beers and cocktails until our train came home. We left happy and full, and that’s really what it is all about.

Foodies guide to Paris


Everyone I spoke to about coming to Paris told me to try this place, so who am I to deny common sense?Angelina is located on the Rue de Rivoli next to Tuileries Garden, and is a tea house where you can go for macarons, afternoon tea, lunches etc. But it is famous for its hot chocolate. Believe me when I say you absolutely will not taste better!

This hot chocolate was thick and creamy, so thick in fact that a spoon would easily stand up in it. I don’t think I’ll ever taste better hot chocolate, and I’ve been pretty much ruined for it in the UK!


My favourite taste of Paris that are an extra special trip back home, I couldn’t leave Paris without visiting Laduree. We visited the one on the Champs Elysee for mid morning macarons and cafe creme. For my money, a trip to Paris is not complete without a taste of Laduree macarons!

Foodies guide to Paris

Obviously after tucking into chocolate, caramel, lemon and rose flavours, I just had to buy a box of my own! We watched people tucking into some amazing brunches and breakfasts too whilst we were there, and the window seats are fantastic for people watching.

Foodies guide to Paris

Shakespeare + Company

Shakespeare + Co is a quirky cafe and English bookshop with amazing views of the Notre Dame. They also do fantastic vegan food and juices if you are that way inclined! After visiting inside the Notre Dame we stopped by for a browse, a coffee and a fancy juice and sat outside watching the sun set over the cathedral. Magical!

Foodies guide to Paris

Paris is a foodies paradise, whether you are looking for wonderful wine, french delicacies or new twists on classic dishes. Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried anywhere awesome in Paris, for my next visit!


Paris | City Breaks | Food Guide | Europe Travel

Paris | City Breaks | Food Guide | Europe Travel
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  • Charlie Elliott

    This couldn’t have come at a better time as I’m off to Paris in two weeks! I’ve been recommended L’Entrecote, so I’m absolutely going there and I LOVED Angelina’s, I can’t wait to return there.

    • Have you written about your trip yet? I’m totally on board for more foodie recommendations! 🙂

  • There is so much good looking food n this post! We did a food tour last time we were in Paris and did one of the food markets and it was amazing!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  • Honeypot Blogs

    Oh how I wish this blog post was about when I went to Paris last year!! The food looks bloody incredible, kinda want one of those hotdogs now though!! Haha!xx

    • I could eat it for every meal – am yet to find a hotdog like it in London! x

  • Claire Thomas

    Just found you via #30plusblogs – your site is lovely! x

    • Thank you so much – that is such a lovely thing to say! 🙂

  • Keeping this handy for my trip to Paris in a few weekend’s time – it’s been so long since my last visit but I’m beyond excited for all the delicious French food!

    • I hope you have a wonderful time! If you can visit anywhere to eat do make it Le Relais, the food is insane!

  • Kellyn Jeremy-Aponte

    Paris is definitely a food lovers paradise. I love Laduree in NYC I hear the one in Paris is the best. I remember steak frites from French class in H.S. I’ve always wanted to try it in France. Hopefully I can year after next. Loved the photos.

    • I hope you enjoy your visit soon. The steak frites were absolutely top class – I’m salivating thinking of them!

  • Shirley Corder

    Oh man. It’s only mid-morning and this post has made me hungry! For “slap chips”, potato chips, fries, whatever you want to call them. The ones in the first pic look especially wonderful, and I don’t have to go to Paris to get them! Once upon a Starry Night