Book By The Sea


Travelling is amazing. It changes you in so many ways. You’ll experience new things, meet new people and get a great chance to find yourself and live life to the full. In the ideal world, you’d like to travel without other commitments and be free to go where you want, when you want. But, unfortunately, this isn’t always possible.

If you want to travel before family and work gets in the way, but can’t take time away from your studies, you are forced to either give up on your dreams or do both at the same time. Fortunately, online courses such as an online msn degree can give you a great chance to do both. Studying online gives you the flexibility to learn on the go. But, it’s still tough. Here’s how to do both well.

Book By The Sea

Choose Your Times

While online study means you can, by all means, do both, you should probably stay at home some of the time. If you’ve got important exams coming up, or you are about to start an essential placement, go home and get into the right frame of mind. No rule says you have to see the world all in one go. You can take your time and travel in smaller instalments¬†when the time is right.

Pack the Right Tech

Technology is going to be your very best friend if you need to study while you are away. It also means you won’t need to use your whole luggage allowance on textbooks. Download all of your course materials on to a kindle, then make sure you’ve got a good, lightweight laptop, or a tablet that can do everything you need. You’ll also need an app like Evernote that allows you to transfer files between any device and work on the go, and international adaptors for your plugs. If you are taking expensive equipment, make sure it’s covered by your insurance.

Keep in Touch

Studying can be lonely, so can travelling. Try to keep in touch with other people on your course, or if you are studying online, use forums to speak to others on the same course. Keep in regular contact with your tutor too. This way you’ve always got someone to help if you need it.

Choose Accommodation Carefully

It can be tempting to save money by sticking to cheap hostels or other budget accommodation. While this can be great if you are taking a break, it’s not ideal if you are going to be studying while you are away. Instead, choose somewhere quiet, where you can concentrate and get a great internet signal.

Take a Break

Sometimes, it’s best to go home and focus on your studies. It also means that you can relax and enjoy your travels when you’ve got chance. Take a proper break, leave your books behind and fully immerse yourself in your travels, without anything holding you back.

Travelling and studying can be great fun. You might find that the places you visit actually teach you more than school. But, you’ll need to time it right. Just remember, you need to find your own way. What works for others, may not for you.


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