Many travellers still make the mistake that when they go on a short trip, they don’t need travel insurance. But what if you are getting sick during your city trip or weekend break? Or lose your luggage? The truth is you always need a travel insurance when you are abroad.

Travel insurance will make sure you can travel carefree. And who doesn’t want that? Of course everyone wants to limit their costs when traveling, but in this case this is an investment for peace of mind.

But what is included in travel insurance and what is not? And which insurance suits you best when you go on a car vacation, on a world trip or on a business trip? Here’s a word of explanation.

Medical expenses and repatriation

Let’s kick off with the situation we all hope not to end up in. When traveling, there is always the chance you get sick. Whether it’s food poisoning, breaking a leg or having a car accident. Hospital costs can be quite high and you don’t want to get a financial hangover just because you got sick or had an accident. Travel insurance covers all medical expenses and even repatriation back to your home country if necessary.


But what if you get sick prior to departure and you can’t go on holiday? Or what if a relative dies a few days before your big trip? Cancelling your holiday can be an expensive affair. Flight costs, accommodation, car rental, etc. Travel insurance will reimburse your costs up to a certain limit.

Delayed flights or lost and stolen luggage

A traveler’s worst nightmare. Arriving at the airport and seeing the big screen saying that your flight is delayed. Or arriving at your destination, but noticing your luggage has not. The first one I have experienced myself a few times before, the second fortunately I haven’t. Still, having a travel insurance gives me peace of mind that when my flight or luggage is delayed that I’m covered.

You are a victim of pickpocketing

It’s a situation every seasoned traveler experiences at some point. Major cities are a vulnerable place for tourists when it comes to pickpocketing. Sometimes you get some money stolen, a camera or phone, or even worse: your passport. They all end up costing extra money. Fortunately, travel insurance has got you covered.

Need travel insurance for Ireland Trip?

Are you one of the lucky few that is traveling once or several times a year? You are right as traveling gives you nothing but good memories. That is if you can depart on your trip carefree. Travel insurance from covers travellers that are making a single trip up to 60 days in length for as little as €16,99.

Are you planning a long backpacking trip? Then check out their annual backpackers insurance to cover you for up to 365 days in length.

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