You’ve got to the end of a hard week. You’ve been commuting like hell, and just yesterday you ended up in someone else’s armpit whilst riding the train to work. You spent the last change in your purse on a really strong coffee, and last night you opened a bottle of wine at 6pm and didn’t stop until it was empty.

Adult working life is hard, y’all.

But the pressure to have a really good time at the weekend sometimes becomes overwhelming when you’ve been balancing work, life admin and endless social commitments. It’s no wonder I spend countless weekends in my PJs watching Netflix reruns only moving to open the door to the Deliveroo guy. I consider it a personal achievement if I wear a bra at the weekend. Or mascara.

But the weekends are stretched out in front of us like hours of endless opportunity, and whilst Netflixing is a great way to spend your time you could very occasionally mix it up. So screw the housework, the life admin and the errands – here are my top ways to make the most of your weekends.

1. Go on a day trip

It can seem a little daunting to spend both days of the weekend off gallivanting and not for example getting your undercrackers washed and dried, ready for Monday. If you’re nervous to give over 100% of the weekend to fun fun fun, a day trip is just what the doctor ordered.

Make the most of your weekends

You can keep it pretty local, maybe spending a day sightseeing in your local big city or driving out to a cute village or town, wandering through cobbled streets and eating pub lunches. My favourite type of day trip though is one that needs a passport, and from the UK you can hop on a Eurostar to Paris, Lille and Brussels or a plane even to Pisa and Luxembourg and be home and in your own bed by 10pm.

It’s a perfect way to get a dose of culture, local food and adventure without completely clearing out your only free time in the week. And, no holiday days required! It’s a total win win.

2. Explore your local area on two feet

I live deep in suburbia. The most unassuming town in the most unassuming place that wouldn’t get any tourism dollar if it tried. Of course I’m happy abut where I live, but it doesn’t have any major sites to write home about and I’m often found hightailing it into central London to get my culture fix.

And yet, that doesn’t mean there isn’t anywhere worth exploring. I live in the centre of some great parks and forests, a local Lido which is a total pleasure to walk around and some heritage sites with old churches and barns to wander around. Right outside my back gate I have access to a beautiful nature walk through protected marshes where I can spy unusual wildlife and I can go sloe berry picking on my doorstep.

Make the most of your weekends

Sometimes pulling on some good walking shoes and getting right up in the face of your local town is a great way to blow off the cobwebs. I love pulling on wellies and a warm coat to go tramping through the fields, taking pictures and saying hello to dog walkers. You don’t have to travel the world to get some fresh air into your lungs and a new perspective.

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3. Try some new food, inspired by your travels

I want to be travelling all the time, and more often than not I can’t. I have a job and other commitments and a lack of money to jet off to every country I wish to see. But there is a way to bring the world to you, and the answer is through your stomach!

I make a food a huge part of my travelling experiences, and yet I don’t put any effort into great food experiences closer to home. But seeking local foodie spots can be the best way of inspiring new travels, and reminding you of some the the best food memories you have from on the road.

Make the most of your weekends

I’ve got an incredible local tapas restaurant, family run from the Toresano area of Spain and its incredible really that this exists in such a niche town. But it does, and going there always reminds me of family holidays to Spain. I’m always on the lookout for great, authentic Mexican food and I’m starting to seek out food tours in London, as I enjoy them so much on my city break adventures. Make food the centre of your weekend!

4. Go on a weekend break

I’ve clocked up lots of weekend breaks over the past year, and whilst going on them always make me feel tired when I’m back on my desk on Monday, never am I more inspired than when I’ve just returned from exploring. If staying just for one night, I’ve found overnighters in my home country fit best, and I’ve gone on epic train journeys and road trips across the UK to bring some excitement to the weekend.

Make the most of your weekends

If you want to venture further afield with less stress, you can also utilise your Friday night for travel. I’ve hightailed it to the airport after work to catch a late Friday flight, meaning I’m fresh as a daisy when I wake up the next morning already in my chosen destination. In fact I feel like there is something so cosmopolitan in catching a post-work flight, and I love the feeling it evokes.

If you are going on a two day break, remember not to try and do too much. Weekends are for relaxing too, so take it easy and don’t try and rush around everything – you can also scout out the hotspots for a return visit!

5. Read more, and make plans

Sometimes you really do need to take a breather and have an at-home, relaxing weekend. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make adventures and travels a big part of how you spend your time. One of my favourite ways to spend time is grab my best travel books and magazines and get inspired. Whether that’s adding more places to the bucket list or living vicariously through the adventures of others I can feel relaxed but well travelled all at once.

In fact, I love spending my weekends planning for upcoming trips. Armed with a well thumbed through guide book, a stack of post its and sharpie pens and the internet I can spend out planning out trip itineraries that get me so excited for my next break. It’s the perfect compromise.

What are your top tips to make the most of your weekends?


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