It seems to be a new trend that instead of making resolutions or giving up things, people are picking words that will sum up the year they wish to have. I’m down with that – I’m crap at sticking to things that restrict me and life somehow always gets in the way of the grand plans I make each January. Which come the summer always makes me feel like a total fail. And who wants to fail at life?

2016 was characterised mainly by work. Working long hours, working most weekends and being consumed by a fear that if I wasn’t grafting, I wasn’t being useful. Don’t get me wrong, it’s paid off hugely, but over Christmas I realised that whilst my work is a massive part of who I am I’m missing out on all the other great stuff that life has to offer.

So in 2017, my year will be underpinned by the word adventure. And yes, I’ll be making time for adventure.

What does that even mean?

I’ve spent a good few years not travelling because of saving for a house and indeed working, and watching many of my friends go and explore places that I’ve always wanted to visit. Although in 2016 I started to travel some more, it always felt like the exception and not the rule in my life. There is no place in my year of adventure for regret so I’ve decided to see as much of the world as I can this year (obviously within the confines of my purse and my holiday allowance). Travelling doesn’t have to cost the earth, so I’ve been making plans to see places in Europe that are right on my doorstep for small bursts of easily digestible culture and newness that can make my heart sing and my mind boggle.

But my year of adventure isn’t just about jetting off to some place new. It’s also about experiencing what’s right in front of me in London but also across the UK. Places that are just a short train ride away. Instead of sitting in my pants on a weekend tapping away at a keyboard and feeling sorry for myself, I want to get dressed and get the hell out.

That’s the plan anyway.

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And planning is important. Alongside adventure being my word of the year, planning is going to be a big focus too. At 33 I know that I’m not good at spontaneity, and whilst that’s a bit sad I’m not going to let that stop me from adventuring. What I am good at is planning – and so to make time for my epic 2017 adventures I’ve been consulting the diary and physically planning in the things I want to see and do.

Making time for adventure, whatever that may entail for you, is important. It’s a huge part of maintaining a level of balance and self care, of remaining curious about what’s around you and most important of all having fun. My adventures will of course involve my family and my friends (sorry guys!) and as well as spending time with them I want to create memories too.

Because I’d rather remember the London murder walk I did (yep you did read that correctly) than the spreadsheet I worked on when I’m old and grey.

In the first few days of making time for adventure, I’ve reconnected with my husband in ways I probably haven’t since the early days of our 10 year relationship. I’ve already got more time planned with my friends and I get to now spend an epic weekend away with my Mum who I’ve shamefully spent barely any time with in the past year.

I’ve already had more fun in the closing weeks of 2016 than I did in the whole of the rest of the year and that’s because I’ve started making time for adventure. Whether it’s a freezing cold boat trip in Oslo, a muddy walk round the woods in my local area or a day trip to a local antiques market I’ll no longer be spending my weekends braless slump in front of screen barely communicating with the world around me.

In 2017 my word is adventure and I can’t bloody wait. What’s your 2017 adventure going to be?


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Adventure | Travel Tips | Wanderlust | Travel Inspiration
Adventure | Travel Tips | Wanderlust | Travel Inspiration

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