It seems to be a new trend that instead of making resolutions or giving up things, people are picking words that will sum up the year they wish to have. I’m down with that – I’m crap at sticking to things that restrict me and life somehow always gets in the way of the grand plans I make each January. Which come the summer always makes me feel like a total fail. And who wants to fail at life?

2016 was characterised mainly by work. Working long hours, working most weekends and being consumed by a fear that if I wasn’t grafting, I wasn’t being useful. Don’t get me wrong, it’s paid off hugely, but over Christmas I realised that whilst my work is a massive part of who I am I’m missing out on all the other great stuff that life has to offer.

So in 2017, my year will be underpinned by the word adventure. And yes, I’ll be making time for adventure.

What does that even mean?

I’ve spent a good few years not travelling because of saving for a house and indeed working, and watching many of my friends go and explore places that I’ve always wanted to visit. Although in 2016 I started to travel some more, it always felt like the exception and not the rule in my life. There is no place in my year of adventure for regret so I’ve decided to see as much of the world as I can this year (obviously within the confines of my purse and my holiday allowance). Travelling doesn’t have to cost the earth, so I’ve been making plans to see places in Europe that are right on my doorstep for small bursts of easily digestible culture and newness that can make my heart sing and my mind boggle.

But my year of adventure isn’t just about jetting off to some place new. It’s also about experiencing what’s right in front of me in London but also across the UK. Places that are just a short train ride away. Instead of sitting in my pants on a weekend tapping away at a keyboard and feeling sorry for myself, I want to get dressed and get the hell out.

That’s the plan anyway.

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And planning is important. Alongside adventure being my word of the year, planning is going to be a big focus too. At 33 I know that I’m not good at spontaneity, and whilst that’s a bit sad I’m not going to let that stop me from adventuring. What I am good at is planning – and so to make time for my epic 2017 adventures I’ve been consulting the diary and physically planning in the things I want to see and do.

Making time for adventure, whatever that may entail for you, is important. It’s a huge part of maintaining a level of balance and self care, of remaining curious about what’s around you and most important of all having fun. My adventures will of course involve my family and my friends (sorry guys!) and as well as spending time with them I want to create memories too.

Because I’d rather remember the London murder walk I did (yep you did read that correctly) than the spreadsheet I worked on when I’m old and grey.

In the first few days of making time for adventure, I’ve reconnected with my husband in ways I probably haven’t since the early days of our 10 year relationship. I’ve already got more time planned with my friends and I get to now spend an epic weekend away with my Mum who I’ve shamefully spent barely any time with in the past year.

I’ve already had more fun in the closing weeks of 2016 than I did in the whole of the rest of the year and that’s because I’ve started making time for adventure. Whether it’s a freezing cold boat trip in Oslo, a muddy walk round the woods in my local area or a day trip to a local antiques market I’ll no longer be spending my weekends braless slump in front of screen barely communicating with the world around me.

In 2017 my word is adventure and I can’t bloody wait. What’s your 2017 adventure going to be?


Adventure | Travel Tips | Wanderlust | Travel Inspiration

Adventure | Travel Tips | Wanderlust | Travel Inspiration
Adventure | Travel Tips | Wanderlust | Travel Inspiration
Adventure | Travel Tips | Wanderlust | Travel Inspiration

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  • I’m also not good at being spontaneous! I like to plan everything and know what I’m doing and when. We did a little road trip around France this year and it was nice to do something different x

    • I’d love to hear more about your road trip! Where did you go? I’ve always thought driving around the South of France would be a cool thing to do! xx

      • We stayed at Lille, Compiegne and a chateau out in the countryside and visited other nearby places – it was really good fun! I would love to drive around the South too, but we just did the North on this trip to save on time xx

  • This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot over the last year, particularly travel. I love to visit new places and want to see so many more but I do find it physically exhausting (I’m chronically ill so it’s a bit of a slog leaving the couch to be honest).

    I think if I have a word for 2017 it will be BALANCE. Trying to make sure I have a little of everything without tipping too much in one direction.

    Thanks for the inspiring read. 🙂

    • I think balance is a great word, and I think that knowing what you love to do will help you make sure that you spend the time away from the couch in an exciting way so you get you fix of new stuff as well as rest, relaxation and balance. Thanks for replying xxx

  • I think “Adventure” is such a good word of the year. Because it doesn’t limit you to destinations or plans, it rather defines just having the most fun along the way! I’d love to get to some more places next year. Do you have any ideas on your first 2017 trip?
    Bee |

    • I do! I’m taking Mr S on a weekend trip to Lisbon for his Christmas present (we went to Oslo last January, hoping for somewhere a little warmer this year!). I definitely want to do more in the UK this year though, especially as he travels a lot for work and we could try and make a weekend of it – Leeds, Liverpool and the Malvern Hills are on my UK hit list for next year.

      Do you have any plans for 2017 yet? 🙂

  • Coleman Concierge

    Not good at spontaneity isn’t necessarily a bad thing for adventure. A lot of really tough adventures require delicate and careful planning in order to be successful. Being 33 (or in our case mid 40’s) gives you a little a leg up in your life experiences and ability to put moving pieces together.

  • Luxurybackpacking

    I personally love being spontaneous when it comes to travelling, if Im going for an extended period of time, i tend not to book anything in advance and go with the flow of it! But if there are some real adventures you want to do, then booking might be essential. For example in summer I’m off to Havasu Falls which needed to be booked 9 months in advance due to popularity 🙂 Happy Travels for 2017!

  • Kathy James

    So many people are using a word they want to have as their ‘motto’ into the new year. I think it is a great idea. My biggest adventure for 2017 is that I am 3 months into my big world travel. Basically I quit my job and have no plans but to see the world. So it is going to be an adventurous year for me.

  • Gemma Baker

    This is a really great idea, it’s important to reconnect with what you want out of life! I have been doing something similar lately – really cherishing my free time (that does sometime include lounging though haha).

  • No wonder that you have been working all the time when trying to save for a house in London ha! It’s soo ridiculously busy and expensive there that after over a year doing the rat race myself, I can’t see why anyone would want to do it haha! It’s, however, a great place to start any adventure as you can fly to anywhere and it’s cheap. I hugely regret not travelling enough when I used to live in London and I hope you won’t make the same mistake I did. Best of luck on your adventures!

  • I somehow can relate to a lot of these. Every since I made time for my adventures, I did reconnect to a lot of parts of me and my life and my loved ones. Am glad that I did and hope that I can keep up to it. Cheers to you!

  • Being spontaneous isn’t a bad thing, I am pretty spontaneous picking a motto for my year isn’t something I would want to do because I love not knowing whereI will b and my plans always change. I think ‘adventure’ should be a lifelong motto though, I hope to always be an adventurer! Perhaps if I had to pick, I would say ‘Intermittent adventure’, I’m aiming to take more weekend trips while working 🙂

  • Diana C

    I can totally relate as I would probably label my 2016 as work and 2017 as adventure as well! I actually just quit my job (tomorrow’s my last day) and will be traveling Europe and Asia for the next couple of months. I’m seriously considering turning it into a gap year or even a complete lifestyle change into a remote/digital nomad lifestyle. Everything is up in the air right now, which is part of the excitement! Cheers to you and to many more adventures in 2017!

  • Honeypot Blogs

    This is a lovely post! Last year I traveled so much, I was really lucky because a lot of it was for work so I saw so many amazing places!! I think this year is to spend more time with people I really love!!xx