Now the summer has come to a close (and what a changeable and odd summer it has been), my mind isn’t turning to cold, stinging winter, mulled wine and Christmas fayre. Instead it’s trying to desperately figure out how many pennies it can save to GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE and head for warmer climes. And where is my number one autumnal holiday destination? It’s only ruddy Mexico!

Before I had a more flexible job, I used to just go on one big blowout holiday a year to a Caribbean destination, and Mexico has been my favourite for as long as I can remember. Whilst I first visited in July for my honeymoon (which was perfect), we booked to go straight back the following year in October and if anything it was EVEN BETTER.

For me, it’s my first recommendation for a fantastic out of season vacation – and here are just five reasons why an Mexico autumn holiday  is well worth the investment.

Mexico Autumn Getaway

1. Picture perfect beaches and the warm turquoise sea

There is no doubt about it, Mexico has some pretty special beachside locations for you to explore. The Yucatan Peninsula is incredibly stunning, from Cancun all the way down to Tulum.

And lets talk about Tulum for a second – widely known as one of the best beaches in Mexico, you also get a perfectly situated Mayan ruin perched upon it. I don’t know where else in the world you could find such a dramatic backdrop to your beach lounging.

Mexico Autumn Holiday

But back to those beaches – if you are really looking for a completely relaxing holiday, and want to escape the burgeoning cold weather that Autumn brings, the Mexican climate is about as good as it gets. And with the smooth warm sand caught between your toes, where else would you want to be?

2. Exceptional resorts, made for romance

Whilst Mexico probably wasn’t the first to market the luxury all inclusive resort to willing holidaymakers looking for something extra special for their holiday, I would argue that they are indeed among the best at providing them. With packages to suit every single budget and with both family and adult only options alike, even if you hate the thought of an all inclusive holiday you’d enjoy these hotels.

On both of my visits to Mexico I stayed at the exceptional Sensimar Seaside Suites (full review here) and experienced all that my heart could desire. An adults only resort, we had a jacuzzi in our room, a private swim-up, endless swing seats in bars and double bed style beach loungers more comfortable than my own sleeping arrangements. It was perfect for honeymooners, and absolutely made for romance.

Mexico Autumn Holiday Mexico Autumn Holiday

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3. Every type of tequila your heart could desire (and not the bad kind)

Once you’ve experience Tequila in Mexico, you’ll never again want to drink it as a shot with salt and lemon. I mean did you even want to drink it that way in the first place? I digress. Tequila is a big deal in Mexico, and its not the unpalatable kind we associate with the word – in fact the Mexicans sip of their Tequilas, a smooth drink made from 100% blue agave. Have you ever splashed out on a glass of Patron? Then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Mexico Autumn Holiday

The shots of cheap tequila you get elsewhere are in fact a mixto, just 51% blue agave and the rest a mix of flavouring and cane sugar alcohol which is why it tastes so trashy. Tequila is supposed to be savoured like a decent scotch, and in Mexico you have the opportunity to sit down and try the whole range on offer – my preference is for the darker coloured anejo, which is more mellow in flavour.

4. Mayan ruins and one of the seven new wonders of the world

If you are looking for some history, culture and unusual architecture once you are all sunbathed out, Mexico has you covered, with some incredible Mayan ruins and most notably one of the seven new wonders of the world. The Mayans are a group of indigenous peoples of Mesoamerica, inhabiting Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador and Honduras and they built pyramids, temples and walls which visitors are able to see the remains of.

Mexico Autumn Holiday Mexico Autumn Holiday

The most famous of these is of course Chichen Itza (and not Chicken Pizza as I called it, growing up), established around 455 A.D with many different settlements throughout its history. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and named as one of the seven new wonders of the world it’s an absolute must see when in Mexico.

As well as seeing the iconic Temple of Kukulkan (the famous stepped pyramid also known as El Castillo), you can see other complexes such as the Great Ball Court, Tzompantli or the Skull Wall, the  the Jaguar Temple, the House of Eagles the Temple of the Warriors and the Group of the Thousand Columns.

Mexico Autumn HolidayA little closer to the coast you’ve got the ruins at Tulum as well as Coba, Ek Balam and Calakmul. Basically if you are into your archeology, you’ll be more than entertained in Mexico.

5. Eco parks, cenotes and splashy fun

If you’re a water baby you’ll definitely want to check out Mexico’s incredible water attractions – and if like me you’re not you’ll still want a slice of the action! The Riviera Maya region of Mexico is home to not one, but two eco-archaeological parks (Xcaret, which I have visited and Xel-Ha) with a range of water based activities, animals, shows and cultural attractions.

Mexico Autumn Holiday Mexico Autumn HolidayWith natural tropical lagoons to bathe in and underground rivers to float in (a true personal highlight for me – as someone afraid of the water this experience was nothing short of incredible, floating through caves feeling as safe and relaxed as I ever have) you can be easily occupied for a full day. Any hotel in the area can organise tours to either of these parks for you for something a little different during your stay.

Mexico Autumn Holiday

Cenotes are a different ballgame altogether. Natural pools formed by the collapse of limestone, swimming in these feel like swimming in some sort of magical grotto. We had an experience at a cenote on the way to Chichen Itza, and it was the perfect way to cool off after a long journey. Once again, your hotel in resort will be able to organise all sorts of cenote based activities, whether that’s snorkelling, diving, swimming or hiking.

Mexico Autumn Holiday

Booking a Mexico autumn holiday is always a good idea – why wouldn’t you want to grab that last bit of warmth before the biting winter sets in. But above the warmth and sun on your skin, Mexico gives you luxurious relaxation, history and culture and a friendly laid back vibe that will chill out even the most ruffled of stress-heads. I wish I could go back!


Mexico Autumn Holiday | The Caribbean | Beach Breaks | All Inclusive Destinations

Mexico Autumn Holiday | The Caribbean | Beach Breaks | All Inclusive Destinations
Mexico Autumn Holiday | The Caribbean | Beach Breaks | All Inclusive Destinations

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