As someone that has a travel list as long as about five of my arms (side note: I have two arms, but I’m making a point, ok?), visiting somewhere twice just seems like a waste of my travel dollars and holiday allowance. I’ve already been to Mexico twice and Paphos in Cyprus three times, but that has been more by accident than any sort of forward planning on my part.

But when you are just dipping in and out of places for a short amount of time, how much do you actually get to see? And, as I’ve grown older, what I’m interesting in seeing as changed – so revisiting some of my favourite destinations for a second time seems sensible.

So I’ve dived back into my holiday archives and came up with my list of places to travel to twice – I’m firmly adding all five of these to my future travel plans. I’d love to know if you’d like to visit these or where you want to visit again!

Costa Rica

Places To Travel To Twice

I have no idea how we ended up choosing to visit Costa Rica, but I am so so glad we did. It was mine and Andrew’s first big trip together way back in 2007 and we saved up our meagre charity job wages for months to be able to afford the plane ticket. If I’m honest, I don’t think I was that knowledgeable about Costa Rica before we went – it just seemed like a cool place to visit.

What awaited us was the most intense, magical and beautiful experience of my life. I’m not even exaggerating. Not even a little bit. And despite all the places I’ve seen since, it still ranks as my number one of places I have visited and places I want to visit again.

We trekked rainforests, walked through the clouds and treetops, watched the lava flow down the 10th most active volcano, bathed in volcanic hot springs, got up close and personal with howler monkeys and crocodiles and crossed the border to Nicaragua.

I cannot adequately describe the beauty of this country without using too many superlatives.

I’m thinking about doing a mega guide to my adventures in Costa Rica, so if you’d like to read more, pop me a comment down below!


Places To Travel To Twice

Florence was one of my dream destinations that I finally managed to get to last year, and yet I still want to go back. Like immediately. You know when you build up an image in your head of what a place will be like, when you’ve been dreaming of visiting so long? And you worry endlessly that it just isn’t going to be as good as that? I needn’t have worried.

Florence was everything I wanted it to be and more. You want a weekend away with your mum wandering cobbled streets, visiting art galleries and eating pizza? Check. You want a weekend with your besties buying leather handbags, checking out the designer shops and drinking endless Prosecco? Yeah, Florence has your back. You want a romantic trip with your significant other looking wistfully over bridges down the River Arno and kissing underneath the sunset? This is the place you want to visit.

I’ve now booked even more Italian adventures for this year, travelling around Pisa, Rome and Naples but I’m already longing for a return to Florence very very soon.

Check out the full Florence City Guide here!

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Lake District

Places To Travel To Twice

I’ve only ever visited The Lakes once, and we spent almost all of that snowed in at our B&B, instead of pottering round Lake Windermere and going on long hearty walks. What we did manage to see was absolutely glorious, and as we drove into the area with the snow starting to fall the beauty was outstanding.

So I really want to go back again – I want to hire a boat and while away and afternoon in the sun. I want to hike somewhere wonderful with a picnic. And I really want to go back and visit The Beatrix Potter Museum which was far too deluged with snow and ice to visit last time.

If you’ve got any Lake District/Cumbria tips please let me know if the comments as I think I’m going to plan a long weekend for this year!


Places To Travel To Twice

This was another of my 2016 adventures, and it was an unexpected gem of a destination and definitely high up of my list of places to travel to twice. I was recommended by a friend to visit, and it was so budget friendly that I combined it with my trip to Prague. If you are looking for an extremely friendly city to visit, that has both good food and vodka, and so much interesting culture and history to explore, Krakow is your destination. As with many Eastern European cities, there is a lot of WWII historical places to see, a thriving Jewish community and the most beautiful architecture and buildings you’ll ever experience.

Whilst Krakow isn’t huge and is very walkable (we walked everywhere), we spent a whole day going to visit Auschwitz and Birkenau. If you go to Krakow, you must visit here. It’s that simple. But that means we barely scratched the surface of what this city has to offer in our 2.5 days there. We are yet to visit the Salt Mines (which apparently has a Harry Potter/Gringott’s vibe), we didn’t make it to Schindler’s Factory, and there were more areas of the city itself I’d like to explore more deeply. Plus, I really want to have a night out in the Jewish Quarter which is apparently THE BEST.

This is the kind of city you could visit again and again (cheaply!) and still see something different each time. And also vodka?!

Check out the full Krakow City Guide here.

New York

Places To Travel To Twice New York

I visited New York back in 2011 on a girls weekend break with my Mum, and it was my first taste of the USA. I’ve since been to Utah for a work trip, but I’m desperate to see more of America and to revisit New York.

New York really is a place that I felt like I could have easily moved to in my younger years. From the minute we landed it was everything I wanted it to be and more and I was kicking myself for not having a year in the USA when I was studying, or just taking the chance and moving there on graduation. 4 days was not enough to do New York justice. We did a lot of the major sights – Empire State, Rockafeller Center, Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, Grand Central, Central Park and the Staten Island Ferry but I barely scratched the surface.

I want to go back and see the museums. Spend an autumn day strolling through Central Park. Discover foodie places in Brooklyn. Visit the 9/11 memorial properly. See New York in every season. Just wander the streets really! New York (much like London) is a place you could go to every year and not get bored, IMHO. With flights as cheap as they are now, it is much more accessible.

Plus, my photos are a total fail – so I need to go back and create many more photographic memories of this amazing city.

So there are my top 5 places to travel to twice – destinations all over the world that I’m desperate to go back to – but that I think anyone could enjoy seeing for a first or second time. Where would you visit twice? Let me know in the comments!


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  • You definitely need to get back to New York pronto – my favourite place in the world! x
    Sophie Cliff

  • Love this list! New York is a city you can visit countless times without getting tired – I love it there! Would love to visit Lake District as well πŸ™‚

    — Lisa //

  • Costa Rica is definitely on my travel wishlist – considering it for our 10 year wedding anniversary next year – so would love to hear more! New York was recently on my own “must-return-to” list too πŸ™‚

  • I went to New York City on a class trip for 3 days. Definitely not enough time, and I must go back! Also really want to go back to Amsterdam and Paris. So many destinations in this world that I want to see and so many that I want to revisit. Life is TO short!!

    Thanks for sharing!
    – Dominick (

  • New York for me is a definite return to place – I’ve been three times now, each for a week, and each time was different and still I’d go back again and again (and that’s unique as it’s one city only!)
    Country wise – I’d defo return places. We went to Brazil for our honeymoon, I’d return, to Rio again (loved the place) but to places across the country we didn’t get to on that trip!
    Great seeing your places!

  • I’m the same – it feels like a waste going back to someone when there are so many other places! I do really want to go back to the Lake District though – we had bad weather there too. I’m actually doing Berlin for the second time next month as Paul hasn’t been yet!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  • Oh my, I definitely could travel to Mexico twice like you have. I can’t believe we stayed at the same hotel, there’s no wonder we both fell in love with the place.
    I actually have just posted a blog about our stay with Darwin Escapes in the Lake District – you might fancy a hot tub lodge for a long weekend.
    I could so easily head back to Sorrento & the Amalfi Coast. Fond memories as it was our honeymoon, but the scenery really took my breath away!
    Bee |

  • You’ve managed to put Florence at the top of my list with your description of pizza, handbags, and romantic views! Although I will say that NYC is forever one of my favorites. You can go a thousand times and still find something new!

  • The way you’ve described Costa Rica made me want to visit it. I’m not very keen on visiting that part of the world, I’m not really sure why but probably because I’m from the Philippines and it looks similar to our country. I am drawn more to visit any European cities and now that I’m living in London, I think I should put the Lake District at the top of my list. I just hope we’ll have better weather when we do decide to visit. πŸ™‚

  • Adventurous Travels

    Nice list! My number one, I think is Albanian Riviera – I’d live in this paradise! I like Eastern Europe, I was skeptical about Florence but it the end I loved it… I would go twice to all of the placed from your list πŸ™‚

  • You’ve definitely picked some goods ones! I used to want to see everything too but I’ve found a handful of cities I absolutely adore and keep returning to. Florence, Italy being my #1 favorite of them all and everything you said about it has me ready to go back yet again. And New York… I go there a couple times a year and still haven’t seen all I want to see! I hope you get to all these places again. πŸ™‚

  • Riely Mills

    I love all of these places. I am dying to go to New York; it’s been on my list for awhile now. Maybe a birthday getaway? I did visit Florence and it wasn’t my top destinations, but I may need to give it another try after reading your post! I would always revisit Ireland and Paris over and over. And the country side of England has been a dream of mine for awhile as well.

  • Mel

    I have heard such great things about Krakow lately. I might need to get there. We are traveling for a year and staying in each spot for a month (including Florence!), and when we leave a place, I still feel like we needed more time there. It’s hard to decide whether to go back to some place you loved, or try somewhere new. I think all your spots sound worthy of a revist.

  • Ariane

    Hey there Sam, I totally understand your infatuation with Costa Rica. I absolutely adored that place. I love trekking and adventure and I thing that in Costa Rica you have so many different things you can do and try out. I really want to go back some day… but my absolute dream would be living there πŸ™‚

  • I have been to Florence and I am not surprised that it figures in your list to revisit. Hope luck favours me get a visit to other cities as well. Couple of my fav cities would be Sukhothai in Thailand and Meteora in Greece,

  • Love your list! I’ve only been to Florence & KrakΓ³w, but would love to visit both again, and all the others for the first time? Yes please! Also on my list would be Dubrovnik (in summer next time please!), Montenegro and Budapest. I definitely didn’t do Budapest justice!

  • I am so glad you liked NYC! I have lived here my whole life and I love it, so I’m always happy to hear when people love it too. I agree that you can never be bored there. I haven’t been to any of the other places on the list, but I am dying to visit them and I’m sure based on your photos that I’ll love them too.

  • FullTimeCanada

    This is a great little list. It’s amazing how a place can grab you in a way that you almost become addicted to it, making you feel that need to revist. NYC is a fantastic place and you can never truly experience it in one visit. Many trips are definitely needed πŸ™‚

  • I totally agree with you, some places definitely deserve to be visited twice. It’s especially interesting to revisit someplace because you see it differently each time you go! On your list I’ve been to Costa Rica and NYC, and I agree they’re worth a revisit for sure!

  • Lena Dre

    I am always torn; i feel as well that I am wasting my travel budget and time when visiting a place twice, at the other hand I feel very much like sharing; I have been twice to Thailand; i wanted my husband to see it as well… I have been even 3 times to New York for the same reason … I think another country I would love to get back to is Scotland; i have been there in April and it wasn’t spring yet.. I would like to be in the highlands when everything is green πŸ™‚

  • Kallsy Page

    From your list New York is a place I could visit over and over again. I have yet to visit a few of the places you mentioned although I guarantee I’d fall in love with all of them. Personally, my husband and I loved Japan so much we’re planning on a 3-4 month stay on our next trip. I can definitely relate to how you feel!

  • Nicole LaBarge

    Completely agree with this list! Love, love. There are few places I want to go back to but I’ve been to NYC three times so far. And India would also be on my list!

  • Clare

    NYC and Costa Rica are places I have visited twice. I think Costa Rica I will visit again as I haven’t seen everything I wanted to and I am sure that I will visit NYC again too. The Lake District I have been to several times as I live about 2 hours away, its a beautiful spot to visit. I have also been to florence and Krakow and they are great cities too, though I am not sure I would visit them for a 2nd time.

  • Janine Good

    These are all fab and warrant a repeat visit. I have been to all of these except Costa Rica. The Lake district is gorgeous. We went on a Beatrix Potter tour and stopped at Hilltop Farm – Beatrix’s home where she wrote the books. Absolutely thrilling!

  • Outside The BubbleUK

    So jealous you have been to three places that I really want to visit New York, Costa Rica and Florence! As for the Lake District I have been there a few times and its such a lovely place to visit and so relaxing . I am curious to find out more Krakow as I am going around Europe this summer, great post and I agree you need to get back to them asap.

  • The Stylish Trotter

    I want to visit costa rica soon. your experience sounds amazing!! do you by chance have a blog post about your visit to costa rica in 2007? or a list of things you did and where? the hot springs sounds like a swell time.

  • I definitely feel I need to see New York again and the Lake District too. I haven’t had the pleasure of Florence yet, hopefully soon though.

  • With change of time people change so do the place so there is no harm to revisit few of the places. Even I use to favor same thought that why to waste money and time on same place but then every time unique travel experiences has changed my mindset.

  • Karen Clegg

    I’ve only been to Krakow and the Lakes District out of this list of five, but after reading about the others I look forward to the chance to visit these others as well. So much to see and so little time to see it all in πŸ™‚

  • I have yet to go to the other places but Florence I have been and it was not enough. It beckons me again too. There is so much yet to be explored. πŸ˜€

  • Meg Marie

    Costa Rica is truly beautiful isn’t it? I really liked it there! I’d love to go back too one day.

  • Sonia Sahni

    Oh my….I havent been to a single one of these places…and they are all on my list! Florence is the highest on the list…I am so smitten by the architecture. I guess if I wanted to revisit a place, Seychelles would be the highest on the list!

  • Footloose Dev

    You’ve managed to put Florence at the top of my list with your description of pizza, handbags, and romantic views! Lovely description!

  • Christina

    Costa Rica is for sure on our list someday. Walking through clouds is something you just can’t describe. We did that in St. Lucia. We went to Florence as well and we loved it! It is an amazing city! The Lakes look very peaceful especially with the way you described them. Great list!

  • Tracy Gilchrist Kuhl

    I have heard that the galleries in Florence are like no other place on Earth. It is on my list as a first time visitor. We are considering 6 months in Costa Rica at the end of this year…would love to hear your full review. I like how you refer to it as magical, as that is how I picture it. Wuld really like to know where you stayed as well.

  • Tara

    Reading this on my last day in Costa Rica… πŸ™‚ I had no expectations coming here but have been blown away by what a beautiful country it is. Cuba is my repeat country – the mix of Caribbean sunshine and communist slogans is unique. And the Cuban lust for life is infectious…

  • Honeypot Blogs

    Really lovely post, I lived for a year in Florence and I’m lucky to have been to New York 3 times so far so those are definitely my top places! I would love to visit Santa Barbara again just so lovely!!!xx

  • happy nami

    Some places really take a piece of our hearts, don’t they? πŸ™‚
    I love returning to some cities as they always fill me with joy. I’m actually just planning a road trip to Krakow for this autumn.


    • I adored Krakow – I hope you have fun πŸ™‚