Open the suitcase to immediate and long-term success in just three steps

There’s nothing wrong with leaving your extended travels or period of living as a digital nomad a little longer than most travel lovers. When you do, though, it’s important that you prepare for them in style. Knowing how to manage other life aspects to ensure that travel won’t compromise long-term goals is an integral feature. 

While this may seem like an impossible challenge, you can master it in just three easy steps. Learn to remember your ABCs and you’ll be just fine. 


Regardless of how great the life experiences are, nobody wants to return home to find that they’ve wasted valuable time. After all, you only have a set amount of time to build the type of career needed to facilitate a comfortable lifestyle. Whether you’re just starting out after graduation or you’re taking a career break, travel should not end the pursuit of progress.  

Thanks to the world of digital links and distance learning, you can continue your development while travelling. AAT courses are ideal for accountants hoping to boost their CVs while keeping their knowledge fresh. Still, there are plenty of alternatives across many industries for new experts and experienced pros alike. 

Another option is to work as a remote freelancer. Working as a digital nomad in this way helps you earn money, avoid a gap in the CV, and find positions for when you return. 


Travelling will cost money, and you should not fear this. Nevertheless, you will need to keep your finances in good health. Otherwise, it could take years to repair the damage upon your return, leading to low credit scores too. Taking accountability through the duration of your travels is essential if you want to avoid the threat of regretting the trips. 

First and foremost, you need to keep your home life ticking over. It’s possible that you could take on a tenant to rent your property to cover some of the costs too. Whether you take this route or not, all financial and admin elements must stay under control. Setting weekly budgets for your time away is a vital step to getting this right.  

A little online research goes a long way when looking for cheap accommodation, food, and entertainment. Meanwhile, this isn’t a typical holiday, so you can do some chores too 


When you take a 10-day trip to an all-inclusive hotel, there’s no reason to feel guilty about going overboard on the food and drink. However, neglecting your health for several months can cause irreparable damage. Establishing a sense of self-control is essential and will keep you happy during your travels and healthy upon your return. 

A little morning exercise is a great way to explore your temporary surroundings. Just be sure to invest in the right pair of trekking boots or cycling attire. Meanwhile, opting for healthy foods at least a few times each week and a few alcohol-free days will pay dividends. 

When you get into those bad habits for the long haul, it’s hard to lose them upon your return. In truth, this step will have a huge impact on your enjoyment during the travelling exploits. It also sets a stronger platform for your return. Perfect. 

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