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Dutch Wonderland is a theme park in the heart of Pennsylvania and is a popular tourist attraction for all ages, but especially families who have younger children. A trip to a theme park is something which is one almost every child’s bucket list as they grow up, and this one in particular is one you don’t want to miss. Here are some of the top reasons you should visit Dutch Wonderland this year with your family.

Disabled access

One of the issues with many parks is that they are unable to safely include those who suffer from disabilities. Most people who are disabled in some way are kept away from the rides because the park is simply unable to accommodate them. However if you take a visit to Dutch Wonderland, you will see that there are a ton of great options available for those who are unable to walk or ride on conventional rides.

Quiet areas

There are plenty of great places to stay near Dutch Wonderland which offer you a quiet place to escape from the chaos of the main park, and even within the park itself there are quiet sitting areas to help children and adults who suffer with anxiety. It will allow you to reset your mind and get away from the sensory overload within the rest of the park for a while. It means that if anything does happen and someone suffers with a panic attack, you can get them away to ride it out and calm down, the staff will help you and may even be able to provide a more private area to sit.

Lots of fun characters

One of the main fun factors about theme parks is the fact that children are able to meet magical characters and let their imaginations run wild. This theme park is no different to any other and offers the chance for your child to meet with some great characters throughout the park. There is Princess Brooke, Sir Michael, and Duke the Dragon who walk around the park and are available for photographs all day. Children love to see characters so this can be an extra bit of fun for them.

Focused on children

Whereas there are some theme parks which are catered to making the scariest rides possible for adults, this is a theme park which is dedicated to making the perfect atmosphere for children to enjoy themselves. Most of the rides on the site are perfect for all ages of child, with there being a few made for us adults to enjoy too. If you want to visit somewhere that your child is going to feel special and have the time of their lives, this is certainly the right place.


And last but not least, you will not have to worry about taking out a mortgage for tickets to this amazing park: to will be able to enjoy a visit here for a really great price for both you and the children. This makes it much more accessible to the wider public and means that even if you cannot afford Disneyland, you can still have a magical family day out.

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