I wouldn’t say I’m a naturally negative person, but I’m certainly the type to get bogged down in the minutiae of life. I get annoyed at a rubbish commute, I get frustrated with work and I get tired at the end of a long week. I’m the sort of person that isn’t thinking about a glass half empty, but will text my friends to moan about the things gone by.

I love my life, but sometimes it’s easy to only see the negative.

There are many ways to get outside your own head – to take a step back and relax and let the world wash over you. Some people choose exercise for endorphins, some people like to practice yoga to get into a more meditative state. Very many hobbies might improve your mental health or your concept of self care. But for me I love to travel, because in my life, travelling inspires positivity.

Travelling Inspires Positivity

For many years, as I have mentioned before, I never prioritised travel. Early on in my twenties I prioritised spending the little money I had on my wedding and then saving for a house. And when I eventually managed to buy a house of course that made me happy. It gave me a sense of comfort. But it also gave me many worries too – consistently paying the expensive mortgage and keeping up with renovations.

There was a period in my life when I actually favoured exercise. In fact, I exercised so much that it became an obsession for me – not just because of how it made me feel but because of how it made me look. I was the strongest and the slimmest I had ever been and on the face of it I was happy. But I needed to exercise more and more in order to create this illusion of joy, and I started to realise after some time that chasing the ideal wasn’t impacting my mindset positively at all.

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Travelling Inspires Positivity

And then, more recently I prioritised work. Oh how I worked. It drove me and I drove it – my career was all consuming. It meant everything to me and I climbed the ladder and created an incredible CV of fairly tough positions and a reputation to match. When I worked late at night, it didn’t bother me, and when I worked through weekends I thought nothing of it. The plaudits kept coming, and I missed how toxic my relationship with work had become.

I barely took time off to sleep, let alone pay attention to my other interests and important things in my life. In fact I worked consistently through my once in a lifetime holiday to Cuba. Until, I finally took time off (just two days) to spend a weekend in Oslo with my husband.

And it changed everything.

Travelling Inspires Positivity

We walked hand in hand along the snow lined streets, and laughed as we almost froze half to death on a boat trip around the fjords. We huddled up with hot chocolates whilst watching the world go by and we explored until our hearts were so full we could barely keep the smiles off our cold, tired faces. I didn’t check in with work once.

So this is what life was all about.

The fact is, I know I have a somewhat addictive personality. I have a tendency to become singleminded in my approach to life. I’m either all work, or all exercise or all money worries or all something else. When I look back at these periods of my life, I realise how there was always one thing dominating in my life to the detriment of other important things. Of course work, money, health, family, leisure – all are important. And all are in balance.

Travelling Inspires PositivityWhat is clear to me is that the weekend in Oslo opened my eyes to a unknown concept in my life – that my life is a puzzle, and all the pieces need to fit together to find true happiness. Of course I can up my work hours to meet a need, or prioritise saving for a renovation – but not to the exclusion of everything else. I know that a balanced life is a healthy and happy life – and that travelling has sparked that positivity. And continually travelling inspires positivity in me.

When I’m consumed by work, I know that I can go exploring, even just for a day to get my balance back. And although I know that my life puts me in a position of privilege – I have a financial freedom to make decisions about how I spend my time – travelling doesn’t have to be a big expensive thing. Making travel the consistent thread in my life has taught me that small escapes are important. Walking in a new park, taking a cheap train ticket to a city an hour away or even looking back at all the memories I have created can give me a jolt of positivity in somewhat bleaker times.

Before I prioritised travel I had no way of really understanding what was important. I was too blinkered. But now, I know how to deal with any negative behaviour in my life – I only need to look beyond my own horizon.


Travel Experiences | Mental Health | Travelling Positively | Travel Tips

Travel Experiences | Mental Health | Travelling Positively | Travel Tips
Travel Experiences | Mental Health | Travelling Positively | Travel Tips

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  • Sharon Atkins

    Thanks for the post. I also LOVE travelling. It inspires me to see the vastness of the world and all the amazing people in it. To see gorgeous scenery and eat interesting food. It also makes me appreciate my home and what we have in my country.

    • I agree, it really makes me appreciate the whole world and my role within it too, and I love to eat, so it’s an excellent way to satisfy that hobby!

  • I absolutely love this post. I recently took a few days off work (oddly, mine was a long weekend in Oslo too!) after no time off since February. It may not seem like a big deal but the trip really stopped me from burning out and reminded me what I am passionate about – travel and exploration. A change of scenery really helps me find that balance too. 🙂

    • It seems like Oslo really does have magic powers! I do think the old adage of a change is good as a rest is absolutely true, which is why I love travel.

  • Kavita

    Such an interesting read! We are definitely opposites in one sense, I tend not to dwell on the frustrations, of which there are many and of course they do piss me off at the time, but somehow tend to put them aside most of the time, am usually a happy old soul. But on the other hand, I’m an obsessive too, and I totally understand that drive to travel, can almost feel like an addiction! And yes, the travel experience is so exciting, so full of adventure that it’s a great source of positivity and happy memories!

  • Oh I loved reading this post! I think traveling inspires positivity in me too! It allows you to see the good, the bad, and to ultimately be grateful for everything that you have. Thanks for this inspiring read. x

  • FlyDriveExplore

    Travel can recharge your batteries, as well as open your mind to other cultures and experiences and make you realise that you are not the only person in the world. I think people who travel are generally more tolerant of people and society in general.

    • I definitely feel travel makes me appreciate my place in the world so much more, you are absolutely right on that one!

  • I can empathise with this one. My parents travelled a lot when I was growing up and I went with them. Not just vacations – they lived abroad. So I didn’t want to travel at all in my 20s. Now I am older I really appreciate the insights I gain into life in general. You look so happy and relaxed in your pictures – you’ve clearly found your own space with your travels.

    • Thank you so much – I do feel like a different person to who I was in my twenties!

  • Sumti Bhadani

    I agree with you that Travelling inspires positivity. I too was not a frequent traveller bit after my Europe trip in 2015 and lot of travelling there change my perspective about life. It brought me lot of energy and fun 🙂

    • Energy is a good word too. Even though some trips tire me out, the positive energy I get really peps me up!

  • It is indeed inspire positivity and you tend to appreciate little things in life, and in thus change ones perspectives in a positive way.

    • That is very true – it definitely helps me feel brighter about things!

  • This post IS LOVELY! I am so happy to hear that you made your experiences. And you did try a few things to find your balance. Maybe in a unhealthy way, but everything went right and you still have your husband and everything is still okay. I find my balance with yoga and traveling. And it is so important even in my area to discover new things. Yesterday we went on a little hike through the snow and I realized the beauty of the place we live at. I was so astonished. Keep on living for your dreams girl!

    • I need to get back into yoga, and I’d love to combine that with my travels 🙂

  • Brooke

    Couldn’t agree more. When you have a hectic and toxic work life balance the negativity creeps up easily. But simple things such as taking a day to yourself and visiting a new place and discovering things can reset the clock.

    For me it was getting out of the more highly paid positions where I also gave up my personal life, worked w toxic people and was chained to my laptop on vacations and starting over in a new career at the bottom with a lot less financial security or freedom but at least w the hope of a better and more free future. And I have a lot of time to travel now 🙂

    • Yes this is exactly right – I have taken a small step back in my career so I can make room for even more of the things that make me happiest!

  • Paige Brown

    I can get bogged down in the little things that go wrong in life as well. I’ve found that different destinations and even more than that, different travel partners, have different effects on whether or not travel gives me a positive outlook. I think that without a doubt travel makes me remember that people are good and instills my faith in humanity – even if the occasional person tries to totally rip me off from time to time 😉

    • That’s such a good point – I’m lucky in that I’ve found well suited travel partners which really add to the experience!

  • megan_claire

    Really love this Sam, I agree that travelling inspires positivity – I think I have a very addictive personality too, because I related all too well to going through an addiction to work before transferring my passions over to travel. I love the way it makes me feel more than anything, happy and carefree.

    • Sounds like we have had a similar journey – I’m so glad I discovered my passion for travel even if it took me until my thirties!