Are you thinking about visiting the UK? Well, then here is a fantastic guide to help you plan this vacation and ensure you don’t miss any great opportunities.

London’s Great But…

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when you visit the UK is never stepping foot out of London. Believe it or not, this is something that a lot of travellers do and it’s not hard to understand why. In terms of general sightseeing, there’s Buckingham Palace, Hampton Court, The London Eye and Big Ben.

Then, there are all the attractions like the West End, Harry Potter Studio Experience, the London Dungeons and Madame Tussauds. In terms of shopping, you’re definitely going to want to explore Oxford street and the list goes on.

We didn’t even mention all the incredible places to dine that exist around the city. So, we’re certainly not saying you shouldn’t explore London. You definitely should and if this is your first trip to the UK, you need at least a few days to see everything the city has to offer. But, once you have exhausted the capital, it’s time to head off in search of new adventures.

If you head South, you can see the White Cliffs of Dover or perhaps spend a few days enjoying the sun in Cornwall. Believe it or not, Cornwall is the UK’s very own seaside town and it does get quite hot and tropical here through the summer months. It’s also the surfing capital of Britain so if you are keen to explore some aqua sports, this is the perfect spot for you. There are quaint little villages dotted around the coast too and you might even want to explore the birthplace of the King Arthur Legend. Here you will be able to discover whether there’s any truth to the tale of Excalibur and the round table.

Head north and within about three hours driving you’ll come to Liverpool. This is the home of one of the greatest bands to ever grace the earth – The Beatles. You’ll be able to take a picture on Penny Lane, take a complete tour of where the lads grew up and discover where they found the inspiration for their music. Beyond Liverpool, there are tales of Vikings in York and further North you can explore the wild world of Scotland. If you reach the highlands, you’ll even encounter a legendary monster. In fact, you’ll find that virtually every large lake across the UK includes a tale of a giant beast that lurks beneath the waters.

Consider Booking A Cruise

If you want one of the best ways to see the UK, then we certainly recommend booking a cruise. To do this, you really need to head down to Southampton. Here, you’ll be able to hop aboard a cruise at the most popular port in the UK. Cruises from Southampton can take you to various places around the world including New York, Rome and Athens. But, you can also book a cruise that will guide you around the British Isles. Here, you’ll visit everywhere from Dublin to Guernsey. The cruises are roundtrips, so you’ll be back before you need to take your flight home.

The best part about these cruises is that it takes a lot of the dead time out of your UK adventure. Rather than spending hours on the motorway, you can relax and let the boat take you to the best spots around the UK.

There’s Plenty Of Theme Parks For Kids

Are you visiting the UK with kids in tow? If that’s the case, then we definitely recommend that you explore some of the best theme parks on offer here. Thorpe Park is close to London while Alton Towers is a little further north. Both offer exciting rides and awesome experiences that will be fun for the whole family. These are basically the UK equivalents of Disney or Universal Studios but with a lot of more twists, bends and exhilarating heights. If you’re keen to get the blood pumping on your UK vacation, these should definitely be on the agenda.

There are also a wide variety of inflatable theme parks at different locations across the UK. This is another perfect choice for the kids but they can be fun for people of all ages. Imagine a giant bouncy castle and then multiply what you’re picturing by ten. This should give you a fair idea of what to expect if you choose to visit somewhere like Inflatanation.

I hope this helps you when planning your own adventure to the UK. With so many things to see and do, you’ll probably need multiple trips to explore everything that Britain has to offer keen explorers.

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