Holidays can be cruel and complicated. I know that sounds a bit crazy, but it is true – fraught with arguments over when and where, price, length, type and who with…before you know it you’ve argued all summer and still haven’t made a decision. I do this a lot with Mr S. There are so many places in the world we want to visit, and yet when it comes to deciding where to go first, we’re stumped. Taking time off at the same time is tricky, and agreeing on budget is even harder. And if you are going in a group or with friends expect this to be ten times more complex.

When Andrew and I did last manage to get away for a longer summer break we didn’t think about it too much. We looked at package deals to Cuba at around this time of year, booked up and then jetted off for 14 days and had a marvellous time. If only it was that easy every time – almost three years later and we still haven’t had another one because we simply cannot choose a summer holiday. So how are we going to make a decision and finally choose it? Here are some steps I’m going to to take to make it really easy.

Choose a Summer Holiday

1. Make sure time of year and length of holiday is locked in

This one for me is really important. Make sure you’ve agreed how long you want to go for – a long weekend, a week or a full fortnight getaway, and the time of year. High summer is great for me but not for my husband, so we usually have to opt for Autumn, and after September as that is when my parents go away and we need to have someone to look after our cats.

See? Complicated.

Once you’ve agreed when, get those dates locked in and booked off work before it is too late. If you are going for a last minute deal, give yourself some leeway either side of the chosen dates to take advantage of the offers available.

Choose a Summer Holiday

2. Decide on type of holiday

If one of you wants a city getaway, and one of you wants to get down on the beach you’ll have a problem. Although some travel agents now offer multi-centre trips for you to book (or you can piece together your own), by and large you’ll need to make a choice. For some, just lazing on the beach can be boring (how?!!). For others, dashing round museums in a city can feel not in the least bit relaxing.

Some beach holidays allowed us to explore decent tourist spots (Cancun in Mexico is great for this), but it is better to agree up front what sort of holiday you want and need and most importantly how you want it to make you feel.

Choose a Summer Holiday

3. Tot up your budget

This is the most important thing to do once you’ve decided when and where you’ll go. Take into consideration spending money, travel costs and anything else like insurance or passport renewals. Visas can also catch you out so make sure you’ve fully explored the necessary paperwork needed to travel – and those all important jabs!

Many people think all inclusive holidays are super pricey and out of reach, but actually they can represent great value if planned correctly. If you are travelling somewhere that doesn’t have much going on outside the resort or can be expensive, all inclusive is great because all your meals, snacks and drinks are pre-paid – meaning you can have a great time without worrying.

These are my top three tips for choosing a holiday this summer. I fancy New York or South Africa this year but again – still struggling with all of the above!

What are your top tips for holiday decision making?


Choose a Summer Holiday | Summer Tips | Travel Tips | Beach Holidays | All Inclusive #traveltips #summer

Choose a Summer Holiday | Summer Tips | Travel Tips | Beach Holidays | All Inclusive #traveltips #summer

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